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    I have seen in a forum of China,they have released rom 2.1.0 for all version pre-/+,and some people have tested it.Guys,don't you know that all pre-/+ can update to 2.1.0 now?
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    There hasn't been a formal release of 2.1 doctors for Sprint Pre minuses yet.
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    You are right,but there are informal roms that you can use on your pre.Actually,I don't think Hp will release 2.1 rom for pre-.
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    @Jason, those ROM's are can cause people to lose data on their Palm Profiles & even keep their phones from going back to's best to wait until things are tested rather than encourage people to upgrade their ONLY phones prematurely!
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    Oh,I am not encourage anyone to test it,just want to share the news that every pre CAN update now.But I still feel sorry about this.BTW,licotto,Have you updated to 2.1?
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    Anyone interested in putting 2.1.0 on a Pre - or Pre + should look at the following thread:

    At which point this thread is redundant
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    would it be possible with all the Dring going on that a easy to use Dr could be created for Sprint Pre that included the the Uber Kernel for speed and better performance. Then make it safe for anyone to use w/out risk of damaging palm profile? Everyone who has worked on webos and in this community is amazing. It's the only thing keeping me w/Sprint and my 6th horrible build quality phone. I just can't give up webos and trying to get my phone to last till upgrade. I was a stand in line original pre owner.

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