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    I have a strange issue on my Pre+ at the moment - me and my girlfried both have Pre's and we both get this issue so i would be interested to know if anyone has had this issue, or found a way to fix it.

    Sometimes when we recieve messages longer than 160 characters, it replaces the 2nd half (or more) of the message with characters from a previously recieved message, and it also changes the receive time stamp to be the one from the old message.

    If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

    messaging patches that I have installed are:
    Add select All and New Message
    Audio/Video Attachments
    Character Counter
    Enable Line Breaks in SMS
    Enter Key for New Line
    Facebook Chat Spoof
    Force Send Offline
    History Chat Ballooon Color
    Notification Repeat
    Search SMS in Google and Open Link in Browser
    Shorter Multi-Text Header
    SMS Tone per Contact v2
    SMS Vibrate to Five Seconds
    Timestamps Clean
    Total Message Count
    Unlimited Recipients
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    I'm experiencing the same problem now. Messages which were sent by me few weeks back are being merged with the messages I send now. This scares me. Have you got any solutions for this problem ?
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    Interesting. I thought it was just a carrier issue. I noticed this as well. Actually I still see this happening on my new phone. I'm on att and this usually happens with someone I'm texting who is on TMobile.

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    This misbehavior is somewhat common under webOS 1.x. It is caused by leftover parts in the com_palm_messagingrouter_MessageFromTilBase and
    com_palm_messagingrouter_MessageSegmentContainer tables in /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3

    It can be fixed by issuing (via novaterm, ssh or a on-device terminal program):
    sqlite3 /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3
    delete from com_palm_messagingrouter_MessageFromTilBase;
    delete from com_palm_messagingrouter_MessageSegmentContainer;
    Rebooting the device after the commands is probably not required, but ...

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