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    I can't run Newest version of WEBOS doctor for my sprint pre minus.

    It locked up the other day and i had to pull the battery.

    Ever since it has been showing nothing but the palm boot screen.

    Please tell me its not bricked... Thanks in advance for the help guys!
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    From How To Recover - WebOS Internals

    With the USB cable connected, completely power off the Pre (hold down the power button until the option to power off appears)
    Hold down the Up button on the volume rocker
    While holding the Up button, power on the Pre
    "Next" should now be enabled - proceed with the recovery
    That should put it into recovery mode, which usually aids in flashing Doctors
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    Thank you so much! It worked great! thank you thank you thank you!
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    What if this doesn't work? My will start the process, then WebOS Doctor will get to about 8% and then it will tell me that my Pre is disconnected. There is nothing on the screen, but you can tell the screen is still on.
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    Are you sure you're using the correct version of webOS Doctor? Also, make sure you are following the instructions on How To Recover to the letter.

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    Webosinternals's website also has % stop errors I'm pretty sure.. It'll tell you what exactly the problem is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    There are approximately 1.000 threads on this forum about webOS Doctor failing at 8%. Find one and the solution is there.
    Nam usually sends people here: How To Recover - WebOS Internals
    This page will help you with any Palm Pre recovery problem, including Doctor failures at various points along the way (including the 8% mark, as well as many other % marks). The instructions on this page work for all flavors of the Pre +/-.

    I am not associated with webOS Internals, but I recognize their greatness and appreciate their great work. Be sure to Donate to webos Internals.
    - Bubba
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    My issue, doctoring stops at 4% because that's when the phone switches on, so it basically disconnects from the USB, how do I solve this?

    Do one of the following to put your device in USB update mode:

    1)If your device is frozen: Press and hold the power button while pressing the center button 10 times. This puts the device in a powered-down state with a black screen. Then press and hold the power and volume up buttons until you see the large USB icon.
    2)Press and hold the power button until the buttons appear and tap Shut Down. After shutdown completes, press and hold the power and volume up buttons until you see the large USB icon.

    This procedure not working.
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