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    Original discussion uprooted, now general 2.1 on Sprint Pre- and other carriers
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    Hi there! I too am looking to achieve this. I have an ATT Pre+ handset that I swapped my Sprint Pre- comm board into and currently run 1.4.5. My device is recognized as a Sprint device on all the HP checkers. I'd like to try and metadoctor to 2.1 but it looks a bit risky since this is my only working phone. Keep me posted and good luck! I can't wait!!!
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    I wasn't aware the current 2.1 legal doctor could be meta'd to pre-
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    It sure can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirataXero View Post
    It sure can.
    How about a link or some help please? I have a little experience with the conversion and metadoctor. My tokens are waiting!!!
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    I am spent for tonight - stuck at pulling CDMA firmware from Pre 2 doctor. I'm not good at Meta Doctor. I've been told Sprint Pre- won't text/phone correctly without some fancy firmware changes!

    Hopefully in a couple of days, there's a step-by-step (For morons like me!) guide on exactly what needs copied and such to make a functional Pre-


    Anyone who is flashing Pre-/Pre+ to 2.1:

    Have you tried taking
    from the Verizon Pre 2 Doctor and plopping it into your 2.1 installation?

    Does it auto-magically make flash player work in the browser? \o/
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    I would like to see this as well. Love to see my Sprint Pre Plus 1.4.5 up to 2.x
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    I am with you on this. Hoping for the fully baked directions soon!
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    I've been following this thread & still too many caveats & profile issues for me yet. Doesn't appear to be worth the loss of OC kernels & patches & stuff either.

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