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    Ola all, hope you're well.

    I'm going to be using my old Pre for a little while as my work Blackberry was stolen. I've been using BBM to talk to my missus for a while now and will need another way of chatting Pre-> BB as neither of us has a big SMS bundle.

    Any ideas? did they ever port What'sApp or Palringo over to WebOS? i've been out of the game a while


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    best way would be to phone her
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    webOS has a messaging app that consolidates AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo!, etc... as well as SMS messaging. If that's not enough services, you can install Messaging Plugins to access more.
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    Google Chat
    Sent from my HTC Evo 4G
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    Thanks guys I didn't realise the built in one supported Gtalk

    joemarzi.. amazingly helpful.
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    I too wish there was a way to access BBM outside of a blackberry

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