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    I've got an O2 UK Pre Plus. I was able to use the German webOS doctor to get 2.1.0 onto my Pre Plus, and after several attempts to get signed in with my 1.4.5 profile (possibly due to poor 3G coverage I admit) it all seemed to be working. I've noticed after a few days use, though, that the cellular radio seems unreliable now. Phone offline, no bars, 3G coverage suddenly disappearing all happens. I've had successful phonecalls and text messages, and CAN get 3G data sometimes, but more often data isn't working - simply telling me I have no network (whilst 4/5 bars and 3G is displayed), or pages just taking ages and never loading. I had 3 incoming calls yesterday, where all I could hear was clicking and interference, and the caller got the same. Got another call later which was fine. I'm still running at stock speed after using UberKernal on 1.4.5 and I'd love to know if anyone else is having similar problems?
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    Interesting stuff! Would like to go to 2.1 but only have a Pre- and it looks like its perhaps not best to update that

    Also when going to and entering my seriel number it doesnt recognise it?! And yep i have put the right number in.
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    is the palm pre plus GSM able to get web os2 on it? Sorry I just got the pre plus and just learning about this stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brian6685 View Post
    is the palm pre plus GSM able to get web os2 on it? Sorry I just got the pre plus and just learning about this stuff.
    Yes, just read the first post for instructions.
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    So I updated to 2.1 on my pre plus and everything seems great, but I feel like the phone would be a lot faster with 1.4 or whatever the stock is and the overclocked kernel. If I use the doctor to downgrade back to stock, can I use my 2.1 profile I created? That's the only one that I have and I thought I read somewhere that I couldn't use it. How else would I go about using the phone if I downgrade? I am not very familiar with webos, sorry

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    I've just upgraded my UK O2 prprpr&#$275$; + $to$ $2$.$1$. $I$ $followed$ $the$ $instructions$ $on$ $the$ $wiki$ $and$ $all$ $seems$ $good$. $I$ $use$ $my$ $phone$ $in$ $Sweden$ $and$ $my$ $palm$ $profile$ $shows$ $my$ $Swedish$ $number$ $and$ $webos$ $2$.$1$. $I$ $have$ $a$ $full$ $app$ $catalogue$ $because$ $my$ $phone$ $was$ $first$ $used$ $in$ $the$ $UK$.

    I have preware, internalz and ubercalendar installed and working.
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    So after my troubles above, I performed a meta doctor install of 2.1 onto my UK Pre Plus, instead of the previous plain German webOS doctor.
    Everything has been restored, but I'm still having exactly the same cellular problem. Flakey data connection, calls usually not working, txts sometimes failing to send (but this is the most reliable part). There seems to be something slowing the phone down too, and sucking the battery. Is it constantly trying to connect? It goes through 3g, just bars, no bars, phone offline, and even with full 3G can have trouble downloading. It does not heat up like it would with something processor intensive. Overclocking with Govnah to 800/500 screenstate gives the usual performance boost, but has no effect on the cellular reliability. WiFi flies no problem.
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