Hello, I have ubuntu linux, but it is not installed via VBVBVB, $it$ $is$ $my$ $main$ $OS$.
I am asking you if anyone know how to use meta-doctor properly on ubuntu, i tried following the VBVBVB $tutorial$ $with$ $slight$ $modifications$ $to$ $try$ $and$ $suit$ $a$ $main$ $linux$ $install$.
The problem I am having is that meta-doctor can't patch the data. I downloaded the os from the list available but meta-doctor doesn't recognise it as a proper .jar; i tried typing in the link in the terminal but it says 404 not found, i tried copying the sprint jar link to see if it works at all and keeps returning 404 not found.
I want to bypass the palm profile screen as I can't get it to work, I'm heading to the o2 store in the week but I doubt they'll do anything as I am PAYG and bought the phone second hand. I love the design and keyboard but just need help with this please.

Yours sincerely,