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    Hello all, kinda new to the WebOS scene and I can honestly say its the best mobile OS Ive used. I have installed Preware and am still getting the hang of things/trying to figure things out.

    One concern that I haven't been able to solve through searches is why my Palm Pre just starts skipping through songs, none will play and it just skips from one to the next. File formats are fine and it plays okay once I restart the device. This happens on both the stock and remix music player - shuffle both on and off.

    Has anyone else experienced this and can provide any solutions?
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    Did they come over from iTunes?
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    Nope, they were .mp3 files imported manually (drag and drop) into a folder labelled music.
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    I'm having a similar problem. I'll be playing a song and it doesn't always end properly. Ends about 10-20 seconds before the song is finished. No idea why.

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    I would say there may be something wrong with the mp3's themselves. Is it the same songs?

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    are you using govnah? I had this problem when I was running On Demand at 125/1000. When I listen to music I bump to 500
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    Problem is the songs sometimes dont even play (so not the ending of the songs or certain files, i'll try a clean install later this week). Yup using Gov but running it at 125/500. Hoping that its not a hardware issue at the moment.
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    I've experienced this before and yes restarting the phone clears it up. I found it to be related to a failure to properly eject from the computer after being in USB mode with the tracks just skipping continuously.

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