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    Okay SO I installed WebOS 2.0 on my palm pre plus on verizon. This phone isn't activated (as to why i installed 2.0) I went through the process of creating a new Palm Profile, and right when I was about to finish I get this message "You need to be connected to your wireless service provider's network to sign in. When you are in a location with service, please try again." Is there anyway I can bypass this or what? Please help! Thanks
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    I believe you'll need to use the MetaDoctor to bypass activation. Take a look at that thread
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    Ahhh.... didn't think of that one! Thanks GFN!

    (ignore my previous post)

    @palml0ver - since the software you are trying to install is an illegal version of the OS, there really won't be much that can be offered outside of basic suggestions.
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    I did ##DEVMODE# and it worked Thank you though guys
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    so you were able to install 2.0 on your pre plus??
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    yeah.. and it sucks!
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    The only real thing thats bothering me is no access to the app catalog.. even through preware.
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    This is why it is a beta and you shouldn't be playing with it

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