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    So I've had my Pre Plus with Verizon since just this past August or September. I purchased a year of insurance when I got the phone and apparently it was a good idea since the very same night that I got the phone, a friend of mine dropped it on a cement driveway while checking it out. The phone survived and has still worked fine, but it left several scratches and tiny chunks out of the sides of the phone and one moderate-sized chip out of the top part of the phone. It basically just looks like I went through a war zone with this phone. Despite that, I haven't tried exchanging it or anything figuring that purely cosmetic problems wouldn't justify letting me have a new one.

    But now I'm starting to experience some of the other faulty hardware problems I've seen some of the rest of you report on these forums. At some point, my phone has developed the hairline fracture towards the bottom of the USB door and it looks like there's a spot on the screen just a little lower from where the crack starts to extend towards it that is slightly discolored. I've also started to notice some very minor wobbling with the slider -- what I'm assuming you've all started calling the "Oreo effect."

    Yet still, the phone is in fairly decent working order. I've had very few problems with calls, messaging, running any apps, etc. Do any of the rest of you feel that all of these hardware problems combined though are worth trying to exchange the phone for a new one? I sort of feel like it would be worth it to make an attempt at it, especially if the USB crack and the Oreoing progressively worsen, which I've heard is generally the case with most people who experience these conditions. But at the same time, I'm also slightly worried that exchanging it for another will just land me with another phone that has different troubles. And I certainly don't want to wind up being one of the people who has gone through eight different phones.

    Any advice or suggestions?? I would greatly appreciate them!
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    Well that is a tough call. It still sounds like it is in decent shape. If you are experiencing lots of problems on the software side, it is time to swap the phone out. If not, then hold out a little longer. Maybe your insurance will allow you to upgrade to the Pre 2 for a nominal fee soon.

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    The thought to wait and see whether or not they would be able to just upgrade me to a Pre 2 had occurred to me as well but I wasn't sure if that would at all be possible or how long I should wait to attempt such an exchange. Just wait until the Pre 3 is released maybe? I sort of imagine that Verizon will be trying to unload the Pre 2's like crazy by then...
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    Low odds that they'd give you an early upgrade price. The Pre+ is becoming cheap enough on eBay these days that the insurance and deductible aren't as lucrative. I'm debating whether I will continue my insurance if/when I switch from my Pre+ to a Pre2.

    My last Pre+ had a pretty good chunk of the corner break off from falling off a chair onto a carpeted floor. I saw no reason to try to force a warranty claim or replace it because it worked fine other than it annoyed me to have that corner missing. But a few months later, the volume buttons died, making it impossible to put the phone into "recovery mode" so I called Verizon. They replaced it without hesitation because the button failure had nothing to do with the broken screen - even if it had been dropped on concrete it wouldn't have had an effect on the buttons. So once they were convinced that we couldn't access recovery mode to doctor (which isn't always needed - but in this case it was) the shipped me another one.

    BTW, time for another of my PSA spots on why you should do this with VZW over the phone. They are much more interested in solving your problem and less interested in jamming iPhone/Android down your throat (after the first time you say no).

    I avoid going to the stores unless necessary, like once when I needed a replacement that day and they arranged to have me pick one up from a store that had refurbs in stock... Other than that, I might go in to play with a phone, but I go home and buy it on line or over the phone. And if I need support for a problem, I will first do all the normal stuff like asking other PreCentral members, doctoring, etc. If I know I'm going to need a replacement, I just call VZW and have it sent to my house. The store techs are less helpful, and often don't know enough about the hardware to fix anything that I couldn't fix. That's because they don't actually do repairs if there is an actual hardware failure.

    So call VZW if you need a replacement. They can order one for warranty or for insurance claim through the same process.
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    i just ordered a pixi plus for 55 buck unlocked to play around with lol its verizon too !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Don't get the pre2. Replacement or wait!

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    Thanks for the advice, everyone. I guess I will try and stick it out with this phone for a little while longer. The phone's actual operation truly isn't in bad shape at the moment, I'm just concerned about it's physical shape worsening as time wears on...
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    I want to swap but I can't right now so I am sticking it out. My phone is beat to hell though.

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