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    Hey guys, I was wanting to know if it's possible to

    1) Mount my Pre and copy ALL the files and directories to my computer
    2) Wipe the Pre, reinstall WebOS, make a brand new Palm Profile
    3) Mount the Pre, and copy all the contents back to the Pre from my computer

    Would that work? Will it freak out/screw up?

    I am also curious because (hypothetically) if I have two devices on two different carriers (Say, a Palm Pre- on Sprint, and a Palm Pre 2 on VZW), I want to use all the applications I paid for on both devices. I don't want to have to re-buy hundreds of dollars of applications just to use them on both devices. Or is it SUPPOSED to be like that?

    Thanks in advance for the help! I wanted to ask first before doing some clean up on my Pre.
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    Hypothetically, how would this thread not be used by pirates?
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    I can tell you from recent experience switching between my Pre+ and new Pixi+ that the second a device can 'call home' and see you're signed in somewhere else it wipes the apps. on one of my switches I decided to just create a new profile on my Pixi so I did a delete all and relogged in with a new profile, got it all setup. a couple days later went to switch back to my Pre - that had been turned off the whole time - and it never told me i was logged into another device but it still reset and wiped. even though I was no longer logged in with that profile just a hint of having been logged in once was enough.

    so tread carefully make sure you do have backups of your stuff and be patient while it re-downloads everything and resyncs all your stuff!
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    Thanks shrxwin. I was also wondering if the Emulator itself will accept a Palm Profile from an actual device. I'm not going to try it yet, though, as you said it might wipe my device. I'm currently doing a long and tedious zip-job on my Pre- that's been dragging for a while :/
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    I am not 100% sure about that. The apps are tied to the profile. So if you are trying a new profile with it I don't think it will work.

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    I was amazed to find out most apps were able to be copied and restored directly by mounting as USB. Essentially, backed the entire USB mount up, hidden folders and all, and pasted it onto a fresh install with new profile. Obviously programs that use server-side authentication, such as Classic, NESem, etc, will notice your profile is different. Aside from that, most other applications transferred fine.

    I originally thought I would have to mount the cryptofs filesystem, move the applications to the internal media, backup them up, then reverse the process. It turns out it was even easier than that, all I did was copy and paste folders!

    Understandably, this is probably a touchy subject due to the obvious, so if this topic needs to be deleted I understand!
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    It is illegal to talk about how to obtain illegal software, so I would be very careful what you say about that.

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    Apps are tied to one profile and are not interchangeable between profiles.

    If you switch carriers use the same profile.
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