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    I'm stumped as to what happened and how best to undo it but hoping someone's seen it before. My wife and I both have Palm Pre's. She was watching a video recently when the device froze/crashed. It was unresponsive so she did a three-button-reset (orange-Sym-R). When the device rebooted:
    • all her photos and videos were gone
    • all her ringtones were gone except the Pre ringtone were gone (she'd never downloaded ringtones, these were the original ringtones that are now missing)
    • all her apps are gone
    • all her data was still there (contacts, calendar, etc)

    Thus far the apps (all downloaded from the app catalog) have not returned. I can't find any reset type which this seems to mirror, and I'm not sure of the best way to try and get her phone back to normal. I've run a file recovery program on the USB partition and recovered most or all of her photos.

    Any suggestions as to what might have happened and how to restore the apps and ringtones? I'm sort of thinking of a "Full Erase" and then logging back into her Palm Profile as though it's a new phone, but I'm in (for me) uncharted territory.

    Thanks for any tips!

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    Have you tried doctoring it?

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    Do you mean running the WebOS Doctor program here?
    Palm - webOS Doctor - Select your device

    At that point would the phone essentially be factory reset to the newest ROM and by logging back into her profile it would restore her apps and data?

    I'm a bit confused by the fact that she *is* currently logged into her Palm Profile, yet apps she had on the phone have not been restored.

    Sorry I'm not being more precise, I'm just a bit confused as to what would have caused this particular set of characteristics.

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