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    This evening ... I looked on the AT&T website for the Palm (now HP) products. I was surprised to see the Palm/HP Pre Plus is gone - AWOL. The Pixi Plus is still showing in inventory, but the Pre Plus is no longer showing on the page.

    Time for the HP Pre 2 GSM to show up?

    Or is AT&T abandoning the HP/Palm Pre product line?

    I'm expecting to get a Palm Pre Plus as part of the migration from Alltel to AT&T ... with it no longer in inventory, I wonder what that'll mean for my replacement phone?

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    yup, I only see a refurbished PrePlus on ATT site.
    On Palm site, it takes me to a 3rd party who will still sell a AT&T PrePlus (but says Verizon out of stock)
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    I was in an AT&T store yesterday about a billing issue. They didn't have any Palms on display, and the guy didn't know anything about new ones.

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    The AT&T store I went to still has both Pixi Plus and Pre Plus on display, but I can't find it on the website. I couldn't find it new online for a while, mostly used and new on ebay. Maybe they're discontinuing it?
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    I doubt they'll be out of Palm phones for a very long time. I waited about 4 years to upgrade with my Treo680 until they eventually landed the Pre+.
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