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    The silver paint on the front speaker has partially worn off and become quite ugly. I am considering painting over it (the hole protruding silver bit) with black nail polish so it will match the rest of the body. Has anyone else done this, or can think of a reason not to do this? As I understand it the sound comes out the bottom and top of this piece, and will not be blocked by any new paint (or nail polish).

    Secondly, I have a chip in the top right corner of the plastic surrounding the screen, exposing the side of the mirror in the back. I'm planning on painting over that as well with nail polish. What do you think?

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    feel free to paint over the plastic xD someone on here put car paint you can prob find that by searching. Personally i just used a little gorilla glue to hold it together then a sharpie to cover up the glue xD
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