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    Hi everybody,

    My pre started to act a bit abnormally. There's one event each morning wich it just ignores, i.e. do not remind me of it despite the settings (I checked, there's an alarm in 1 min). Of all the rest events it seems to remind me in due manner.

    Also sometimes it seems like pre sleeps deeper than it's supposed to do - the reminder goes off at the moment of unblocking it.

    Moreover, there already were two occurencies when it forgot to start charging after I plugged in the cable!! I woke up in the morning to find my pre having 0% battery and starting to charge only after I plug the cable out and in again. I truly beleive that was not due to the bad connection in the port.
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    Need more info. Have you altered your phone with patches or anything? Dropped or damaged it?

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