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    I currently have a palm pre on sprint but its rather broken and held together by tape. I have a choice of getting another pre on craigslist or go with an even older legacy device known as the palm treo. Suggestions?
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    The Treo is going to seem really awful, after using the Pre.

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    ^ that.
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    Whyyyyyyyy... Oh g-d why... For that is sacred in the world... Whyyy yyy yyyy...

    Get the pre
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    Yeah, what they ^^ said!

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    I wanted to use the palm os seeing how simple and efficient it seems.'s old, and last last generation. Not worth it? Even if its like 10 bucks?
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    Not worth it. I actually was very happy with my 700P...until I started using a Pre. Get a used one; they are pretty available these days.
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    Well, it depends on what you're going to use it for..

    Personally, I loved my Treo 650. I had it for the longest time. (Whooaaa ohhh oh...)

    I had no problems with it (other than too many powercord disconnects from the phone which prompted in me needing a new phone.. I don't know the technical term for it..). It was simple to add homebrew (you don't need to go through the same hurdles as a Pre..) and had a nice variety there...

    But if I'm not mistaken, going off the top of my head, it had a 314mhz Processor, 320x320 screen, single-input touch screen (no pinching, or any that jazz), IR Port (just threw that in.. makes a cool universal remote), no built-in wifi (not sure on this one with the one you're looking at.. mine didn't.).

    However, Pre's are going for ridiculously cheap now, to free, of course with a 2-year contract.
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    I was looking at the treo 800w and the 755p, not sure which one is better, the 800 I know has wifi though but that's as far as I get haha
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    You are happy... I'm really like my Treo 680, but I can't buy some PrPrPr $here$...

    Well... buy one PrPrPr $AND$ $one$ $Treo$ $680$!! $The$ $best$ $of$ $two$ $worlds$!! :$P$

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    Ugh... That "w" stands for "Windows", and on a phone that old who knows what version of WinMo it's running.

    As much as I loved the 755p, I have to agree with everyone else about opting for the Pre. It's going to be a hassle getting all your info moved over to an older phone. The Pre will just pull all your data from your profile and you'll be on your way.

    But if money is the issue and $10 is all you've got, I'd recommend the 755p, since you mentioned ease of use. No wifi, but you won't be spending half your life trying to do something simple on your phone, and then it doesn't work right anyway.
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    There are a lot of nice features on the treo I miss on the pre.

    The keyboard + other hard buttons including 5 way cursor controls were nicer.

    Stylus + resistive screen allow much finer control on the screen than course finger + capacitive. Easier to select what I wanted, even with a fingernail than I can manage with a finger.

    I could switch between apps much faster -- get to what I wanted to see/do faster than I can on the pre.
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    I loved my Treo 755p & I've had to go back to it a couple of times while waiting for replacement Pres. What I missed when I went back:

    My PIM now in cloud - everything is synced to google contacts & cal, docs (workable w/Treo if get $$ 3rd party software but not my choice)

    Having said that, if you are primarily looking for a PIM and don't need wifi or multitasking (or anything else you like about the Pre) the 755p is a great device. Old, but a solid tool. I miss the universal search it (and Palm Desktop) offered for PIM info.

    I had the Treo 755p for 2 yrs. I'm on my 8th (or so) Pre. (Buggy even after multiple doctors, bad speakers, mics, wouldn't boot, etc,etc).

    No real suggestion as to which is better for you. Depends on your priorities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuffo View Post
    I was looking at the treo 800w and the 755p, not sure which one is better, the 800 I know has wifi though but that's as far as I get haha
    Get the 755P, that was a very nice gadget. I would miss the big attractive screen of the Pre, and web browsing always sucked on the Treo. But mail and PIM worked better than on the Pre, and I kind of miss that. I especially miss the categories and the universal search in contacts. It was nice to be able to "tag" entries in the comments, and use that to search my records for plumbers, or whatever.

    I agree with CT1 and retirecom about the features I miss from the Treo. The resitive screen was really much better for anything requiring fine control. I kept one fingernail slightly long to use it, and had easy pixel-by-pixel control. And in the winter I could pull out the stylus and use the screen with my gloves on -- I miss that, too.
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    My spouse still uses and like the 755P. It is not bad. Centro is smaller, nice also.
    Really not all that bad, very solid and nice battery life 2-3 days.
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    Say hello to more time with your friends and family as you try to use the web browser on the Treo. If you're able to open a page at all, it will take a very long time. Say goodbye to pinch to zoom and hello to a smaller, lower resolution screen.

    Crash lately? You may experience more crashes with the PalmOS but the good thing is it will boot up a bit quicker then the Pre.

    Remember that annoying friend that would always bug you but you needed him to get important things done? Say hello to HotSync! You will feel the burn of HotSync as you try to muscle (very slowly mind you) through all the error messages. Cross your fingers that you don't get a crash after all that new data you just entered. Because if you haven't HotSynced, it will be forever gone.

    The search feature in PalmOS is the only thing I can say I wish WebOS had, it is great.

    I would not wish the Windows version Treo on my worst enemy. Don't believe me? I double dog dare you to get one!

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    Not sure if it is any cheaper, but you can get a 700P and do a ROM hack to make it a 755P. They had the same guts, the 755P just didn't have an external antenna. My 700P was decently stable, but it was even more so after the ROM hack. Since the Pre now has KeyBoss, the battery life is probably what I miss the most from the Treo. My 3 year old currently uses it, and in airplane mode, it lasts a week. My Pre would be dead in a day in airplane mode. Oh and with my 3 year old using it, I remember what a solidly built phone is like...
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    as much as I loved my 755p, if my Pre+ crashes for good, I'll just buy another one off ebay.
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    Or you could go for the $50 pixi+ offer that is on the PreCentral front page right now.
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    Old man here.
    Still using my trusty treo pro.
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