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    I thought I would make it to the end of my contract with Pre number 1. Hairline USB crack finally reached the screen and i started launching apps like crazy.

    Had to get a refurb (119 bucks! ) I didn't want to lock in another 2 years and I didn't trust eBay so I went for it. I never buy anything for myself. =P

    It is actually a very well built tight Pre, no scuffs no scratches. The only thing that bugs me is the screen has a slight yellow hue to it (more than my old one) and the LCD panel is blochy (Kind of like the phone got too hot on the right side).

    Reaaaaaaaly hope something drops on Sprint this summer.
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    I'm on my third. My first I fried... My second stopped working. My current ones doin alright.
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    I think I'm on my 5th, and I've only dropped (all 5 phones a combined) 3 times (and not bad) and take care of my phone. <mod deleted>

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