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    My wife (Pixi+) and I (Pre+) use Gmail for our email.

    While in my Pre's messaging client, looking through the Accounts & Preferences, I noticed Google Talk was listed as an account. The same was listed on my wife's Pixi.

    Is it possible to text each other to/from our Google Talk accounts and thereby avoid counting towards our texting plan on Verizon (we don't have the unlimited plan)?

    If yes, how do we do it? Thanks.
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    Yes it's build in. Open the messaging app and select login. Same for your wife. And you should see each other as buddies.
    Tap on Buddy and start typing.
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    I can't seem to get this to work.

    My wife is not listed as a buddy. I see no option to add her. We are both logged in.

    If I hit the "+" button in the messaging buddy list, it opens up a messaging box. I enter my wife's contact name and it gives me an option to, "IM with "wife" using: Google Talk".

    I select the Google Talk option, type a message with the word "testing" & send text. The message shows up with a yellow triangle & exclaimation point inside.

    When I touch the yellow triangle, this note pops up:

    I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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    Sounds like you may need to add each other as contacts first through an actual google talk app (or through gmail in the chat section). You should then see each other. I believe it works the other way as well for deleting contacts, can't do it through the messaging app, have to do it in gmail.
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    I can receive messages, but not send them.
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    I'm going to say the obvious, but try removing the Google account and adding it again.
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    For some reason my Google Talk isn't out of the box working. I had to install Greg Roll's excellent messaging plugins based on libpurple, and all is good (except I think MSN isn't working lately...)
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    I tried deleting & adding the Gtalk account on my wife's Pixi. Here's the message I received:

    After about 5 tries to add the account, I rebooted the phone. After another 5 tries to add the account, I gave up. Yes, I know I had the correct login & password.

    Also, on my Pre, I tried installing Greg Roll's messaging plugins, but had some problems. The messagingsysfiles ipk installed with no problems, but the messagingpatch ipk stalled. I waited 2 hours for it to install in Wosqi, but it didn't work.
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    Have you tried adding the account under your wireless network connection and not WiFi?
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    the account could be blocked. Try going on google and type unblock gmail account.

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