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    Sooo..for like 3 months now both my Pre, and my wife's Pixi have been having a helluva time connecting using both the phone and text. Phone calls will say "connecting" for like 90 seconds before going through, and texts will sit, grayed out, for about 30 seconds before going through.

    My wife's phone will miss phone calls AND texts randomly, and my phone will not get a call, yet I'll get a 'missed call' alert.

    My wife's pixi has NO customization or patches...and though my Pre has a ton, it worked fine until 3 months or so ago.

    I'm in Muskegon, Michigan...ANYONE else experiencing weird connection issues with Sprint?
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    EV connection has been dropping to 1X way more often and data speeds seem to have been cut in half here in Charlotte, NC on my Pre.
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    If it helps, my EV-Do connection in Dallas/Ft. Worth has been VERY slow. At some points I do and get a speed of 100 Kbps and under. Then suddenly I'll jump up to 800 Kbps and then back down when I need to load a webpage. VERY frustrating.
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    Interesting. My wife and I have the same problems in Baltimore, MD for about the same time. I thought we had a tower issue.
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    Same issues here in the Milwaukee area. Data network overload is the likely culprit. That is what the Sprint field techs are telling me here in my area. The "cell site" is going to be upgraded with better hardware at the end of the month. Hopefully my situation will get better then.
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    Same issue in Tucson, AZ. I mostly notice it in the afternoon/evening.

    I updated the Network Settings and PRL on both our Pres to little avail.

    Called tech support and they suspected a tower problem and would get back to me in 24 hours... Never heard back and I don't have time to run this issue to ground.
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    I was talking with a Sprint rep the other day and he said that the upgrade work for 4G in our area has been causing some brief dropouts for us.
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    In the morning I can get good EVDO signal, but after I leave work my connection constantly drops from EVDO to 1x. It's been about a week since I've been having this problem. Sucks big time!
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    Sitting at my desk in downtown Chicago dropping from full EV to full 1x, then back to EV after 15 minutes.
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    Sprint in Charlotte seems to be doing much much better today. Maybe they have finished whatever upgrades they were performing. I have been consistently getting above 600-700 kbps downloads all day which is more inline with what I expect. Over the last couple of weeks I was lucky to get 200-300kbps down.
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    Last week I had the same issues when traveling through Michigan in the Holland and GR area. Drove me nuts! 60 seconds for call to start dialing.
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    My Sprint Pre has indicated it is "Updating PRL" for the past few hours since I woke up. What does this mean and how long does it take?

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    I'm in northeast Ohio and have had similar problems with my data and voice connections. The most frustrating for me is the calls that aren't ringing through. A call will come through fine, and within a half hour I'll get a voicemail notification for a call that didn't ring through and isn't in my call log.
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    Same with me and i dont even have a pre anymore. It must be a sprint issue because I haven't been gettin calls sometimes or it would take forever to dial. I would also lose data connection sometimes.
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    For all having connection issues, try the following:

    Open the phone app > access the swipe down menu in the top left corner and go to preferences > scroll to near the bottom and select update network settings > when that is done, update PRL. You may need to reboot your device after but most likely not.
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    I do the update network settings everytime I move a significant amount geographically.
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    Sprint rep told me today to just hit "cancel" on the PRL update and/or pull the battery (I did both). They couldn't say what was going on, though. Phone seems to be working O.K. now, as far as I can tell.

    But another reason the new devices can't come out soon enough....(sigh)....
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