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    Spent most of my morning on Palm Chat followed up with a phone call to Bell technical support, but cannot seem to get my phone to find EVDO or any data signal.

    The Palm tech support chat had be wipe the entire phone, and start I can't get past the palm profile screen!

    Webos doctor did nothing.

    Any help in getting my Palm Pre up and running would be great as right now it is bricked, can only make a phone call by hitting tap for emergency and erasing the 911 number first!
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    when you get to the phone app erase 911 and type ##evdo# and see if it's turned off or something?
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    I've had to return a phone due to a bad radio.. Possible that you got one too.
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    If you have signed into your profile, go to your phone icon. in the top right corner select the drop down menu and select the preferences. scroll down until you get to data. select on.

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