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    hey guys, i installed Govnah and uberkernal a while ago but when i changed the settings i can't really notice a difference. Its current down in Govnah as running at 1mhz but its still not noticeably faster or smoother than default settings.

    its a standard Pre by the way.

    any tips or am i just being an *****? Lol
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    it may be that your running at 1 mhz... perhaps try 1ghz. jk

    But seriously, If you havent done so already try a full restart. report back
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    lol, oops, yeah I meant 1ghz.

    I have had it on a couple of weeks so have done a couple of full restarts, but will do another.

    I have Screenstate 500/1000 selected and when I go into that it says its running at 1ghz.

    I have bought it up as I have read on here about people saying how great having the Pre at 1ghz is but I can't notice much of a difference and I'm not the most technically gifted person so premuse I am doing something incorrect. ha
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    Are you testing this out on a touchstone? If its on the touchstone, it scales down to 500 MHz. Just a thought.
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    hi, no touchstone involved. Just my pocket. Lol
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    try setting it to 500 for 20 mins, then 1GHz for 20 and see if you an see a difference.
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    You might try a shut down with a battery pull. Sometimes pulling the battery makes a difference.

    I have been running 250/1000 for quite a while and I definitely find a substantial difference.

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