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    glad that worked for you. i was gonna suggest hooking up to webos quick install and fixing the mytether update. i've noticed that whenever my phone knows there's an update for any app it will think about it in the background and run the battery down faster. even something so small as forgetting to do a luna restart, after updating/installing things from preware, has had remarkably fast battery drain until i do the restart like a good owner
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    I installed Govnah and here's what it looks like after about 15 minutes idle:

    By the way, I've uninstalled every app except for Preware and lost about 10% of battery today in an hour after removing it fromt he charger. Is there a better way to detect what's using the battery or internet? I tried Lumberjack but that doesn't seem to give me any better information.

    Here's what it looks like after disabling Wifi and using normal EVDO:

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    Well, I just downloaded webOS Doctor Build Sprint.251.299, webOS 1.4.5.

    Going to try it now.
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    I just doctored it. It didn't fix the problem. It dropped from 64% to 51% in about an hour just now. No apps installed, all default from a fresh doctor. It isn't the battery, either. Why is the phone warm on the left side of the phone on the back? I'm not even doing anything and the whole bottom left side of the back of the phone is warm.

    So in other words, I'm the first pre owner in the world to experience this? I actually have to take it in the Sprint? Something's amiss and I don't believe this problem has never been pinpointed.
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    simillar prob here... after a bit of palm blog searching I learnt that the wifi could be the prob by not letting the phone sleep properly. I changed the sleep settings to 'turn off wifi when phone sleeps' and my launch day Pre and battery are back to lasting most of the day on a battery that has 68% health (airplane mode at night) and light/medium use net activity through the day; have multi email accounts set to 'as arrive' also.
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    Well, this is interesting. I went to the Sprint Store today and got a replacement Pre - same thing is happening.

    5:37 - 100%
    6:08 - 92%
    6:40 - 84%
    7:41 - 71%

    It must be something to do with the Palm profile - but what? Why would my PROFILE be causing my battery to drain so fast. Why is it so horny to access the internet or whatever it's doing and why hasn't it ever done it before up until a few days ago?
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    I went back to the Sprint store today and they gave me a brand new battery out of the box and yup, you guessed it, it's still draining quickly. I already told them it wasn't the battery because I swapped out with my girlfriend's Pre and had the same effect but they said my last battery showed up defective in a test. Time to go back to the store.

    Why? Why did this just start happening out of no where with no explanation at all?
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    my opinion is these constant -450mA are way too much.

    did you try to create a secondary profile?

    if its really the profile i would guess (admitting here not being expert) maybe its some profile sync back and forth issue. i think you can disable the auto backup upload to the cloud in the profile settings but apart from that your phone will restore everything when logging into a profile and that can take pretty long. so maybe you have an app installed which is not existing anymore and the profile trys over and over to redownload it or something alike. as i said not very experienced on that.

    but the only way to pin it down to the profile is doctoring and setting up with a brand new profile.
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    another way could be: install terminal and use some linux hackery to find out what process is extra busy. there should be someone to provide step by step around here?

    i myself had moments where i was able to locate problems by watching /var/log/messages or by the linux "top" command.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    This is the quickest way to find out if it's your profile and which account is causing it.
    Of course, it's temp and once you're done, you should log into your main account and take the necessary measures.
    Well, you were partially right. I doctored it and created a brand new profile. Here's what happened:

    Doctor + new Palm Profile. No account syncing or anything done.
    10:52pm - 100%
    11:16pm - 100%
    11:51pm - 100%
    12:34am - 100%

    Synced google calandar, email, contacts, and logged onto AIM
    12:50am - 93%

    Removed Google email account from phone
    1:00am - 90%
    1:21am - 86%
    2:11am - 74%

    Removed Google calendar and contact account (froze on removing contacts, kept all contacts on phone, solid EVDO activity now)
    2:48am - 61%

    6:16am - 100% (contacts disappeared finally but I am adding them again at 100%. Phone is cold and doesn't seem to be using the battery)

    Google contacts Sync complete (Took 20 minutes)
    6:34am - 100%
    6:50am - 94%
    7:14am - 88%
    2:00pm - 0% (dead)

    So from this experiment, it has nothing to do with the Palm Profile. It appears it's more about either the Gmail or Contact imports from Google. The calendar didn't seem to cause the problem. So why would syncing my Google data instantly trigger battery draining and frequent internet usage? I only have 68 contacts. Any ideas?
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    well but this is exactly what we ment by "its profile related". because all the accounts are part of that specific profile. so now we know its your profile and more specific its your gmail account.

    as said when you add that account or log your pre into that profile that holds that account it ll sync. it will sync in background until its done. so the "sudden" moment when it all started over was when that account first materialized a specific item. i dont use gmail myself but its the same as with any other cloud service. that item could be either a specific mail or contact or date would be my guess. i had once troubles syncing one specific email message down where it would just stop and retry each time and it turned out that it was a strange char or email header.

    its still possible that something else causes the account to go crazy in the phe phone but what i would do is log in on a desktop and go into your recent mails and see if there is a strange one. move mails into a folder that does not sync i.e. not being favorite and see if it changes. do the same with your contacts probably there is one with a strange setup, letter or image, invalid birthday or whatever...
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    I had a battery issue with my pre- and a 2800mah mugen battery.
    Battery life got worse , and loading different kernels, putting in airplane mode did not help much. I could lose up to 60% overnight from a full charge.
    I finally ran webos doctor last week, and put back most of my patches except any of the different kernels. To my amazement , batter life improved drastically. The first night, it only went down 7%! The last 2 nights , only 3%! It now charges fast and discharges slowly , instead of the other way around.
    Could switching back and forth between kernels using Govnah caused this?
    I am going to stick with default Palm Kernel.
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    Use Govnah to watch battery drain in real time.

    When on Verizon 3G, I have the following...

    ~180mAh when sitting (screen on) idle
    ~250mAh when flipping around through stuff in the interface
    ~300-400 when using Pandora (screen on).
    ~400-500 when using Hotspot (screen on)

    Catching a value during standby is tougher, but you can see it by either letting Dr. Battery sit for 30 seconds (screen off), or opening the slider while Govnah is active and noting the rating.

    For idle, my tends to be around 20mAh stock, and ~4mAh when using my 500/250 screenstate (I downclock my Pre+).

    ~500mAh drain with the screen on tends to indicate some sort of service is going nuts. For example, the new FreeTether app starting doing this after three hours and the drain wouldn't stop even after turning it off. I had to reset the phone.

    I sync my Google contacts, and I run only one email account: Exchange Sync to Google. I use the default 3G Rev A radio.

    EDIT: What are the settings for your Gmail accounts in Email? Downloading email is a severe battery drain, usually 6%+ an hour if you use "as new mail arrives". Freshly doctored with no email syncing, I get around 3-4% drain an hour.
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    Started sometime last week - by noon my Siedio 2600 (which is really a 2300) started getting down to 40%, whereas before I'd be around 90%.

    Original setting was Screenstate 500/1000 - tried all sorts of different modes since I noticed the load average was high while the screen was off and going down while I had it on.

    What finally did the trick was uninstalling uberkernal, govnah, and Advanced System Prefs, with a reboot after each, then installed them in the same order i uninstalled them.

    Now my battery is *somewhat* back to normal - before I'd be around 70% when I left work around 6, today it was around 60 - which is obviously less than normal, but a hell of a lot better than the 20% WITH charging the past few days.

    Hope that does the trick for some of you.
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