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    Sadly today my Pre's (minus) screen somehow cracked. I know that Sprint may not be able to replace it but I don't want to use my upgrade on a new phone because I am waiting for the Pre 3.

    I'm wondering that if I buy a Pre Plus off ebay can it be activated on sprint? Otherwise I'll just look for another Pre or Pixi. I'm fine with either, anything that will hold me over untill the Pre 3 is released.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.
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    See this thread:

    You can possibly do a comm board swap to make the Pixi Plus into a Franken Pixi with Wifi and other goodies. Not a bad option if you are willing to try it but I haven't read all the details and there may be problems if you do not have access to the phone in present form (no screen) there may be prep steps to take prior to the surgery.
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    he has a pre lol.
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    It sucks because its an original Pre. Day 1, I've never had a replacement one. I'm hoping my Sprint store has something because I love WebOS way too much jump ship. Thanks for the info though.
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    You can also by a Pre2 and put the Sprint radio in it... Pastorrich1 has been helping members do these and they all seem to be really loving the results.
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    Awesomeness can you hit me up a link to him? And how much do u think a Pre 2 goes for?
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    This happened to me a few days ago, I would check craigslist and some local used phone stores in your area for the quickest fix...
    I ended up buying a slightly used Palm Pre at what looked like a pawn shop for $90. It doesn't have any signs of wear and the ESN was clean, so I'm happy!

    On Ebay you can find people selling worn pre's for $40-60 and unused refurb pre's for $80-100.

    Alternatively, I've found that alltechwholesale on Ebay sells used and broken Pre's for $30-40. If you search ebay for "palm pre near flawless condition. Only hairline thin scratches are present if any at all." and make sure to check the Include Description box, you'll see some pre's that may be worn but in the description it says their displays are in flawless or near flawless condition. Then you can switch that screen onto your otherwise working Pre...
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Noah View Post
    It sucks because its an original Pre. Day 1, I've never had a replacement one. I'm hoping my Sprint store has something because I love WebOS way too much jump ship. Thanks for the info though.
    Using your comm board in a Pre Plus and doctoring it works great....I did it and am VERY happy with the speed and build quality. I believe there is some issues with the Pre 2 mod that make it more difficult but can't speak directly to it.

    I understand your statement about it being a launch day Pre....mine is a 9/09 Pre snd I purchased a Plus and another Sprint Pre (that was beat up but had a good ESN) so my original was untouched.
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    That is an excellent question.

    I also decided to buy one of those Sprint Pre Plus upgrades off Ebay and got it in last week, playing with it testing 2.1 upgrade, and seeing what is possible. Of note, this unit was listed supposedly having been upgraded from a Sprint Pre Minus to a Pre Plus, but from what I can tell the upgrade mentioned is not present. This unit does not report or show memory and RAM above 256mb (should be 512mb if it was upgraded using VZW or ATT parts), so I think the groups selling it is either mistaken with it being Plus upgrade or just doesn't have a clue and hope I won't figure it out. Either way, 2.1 kinda works on the unit and having the spare system has allowed me to at least give 2.1 upgrade on this Pre minus a try and see what I think.

    Also note, the unit that I received was damaged pretty power button, cracked case, two scratches on LCD, if you want something absolutely clean and abuse free make sure you get a guarantee. I basically new this units condition was 3 out 5 stars, but what I wanted was the Plus Upgrade that this unit does not have and obviously it will be going back tomorrow for a replacement that is Plus upgraded or my money back.

    Figured you'd want to know and good luck with your upgrade, Sorli...

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