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    I'm in the uncomfortable position that i am probably going to have to ditch WebOs for another OS. My work exchange server will in the coming months stop allowoing access to devices that do not allow whole device enryption (incredibly for a current smartphone the pre 2.0 doesn't.)

    My Pre (-) is out of contract, and bearing in mind i am going to have to "upgrade" to an alternative (probably android) i thought i would try out the pre 2.0 doctor that is out there.

    I downloaded the doctor from a spanish website and used google translate to follow the instructions, and have been using it for a week now.

    Here are my thoughts/some issues.

    Firstly its said that if you use your profile for 2.0 you can't then use it again for 1.4.5 if you decide to go back, so i created a new one. This means no previously bought apps.

    The bad stuff:
    Bookmarks in the browser - i can't seem to be able to create any

    Flash - very jerky and certainly not much use for video - but doesn;t automatically load so you can choose whether to frustrate yourself.

    Paid apps - you can't see them in the app catalogue, You can see them through preware but when you go to purchase them you get an error code.

    Apps seem to take a little longer to load.

    There aren't any overclocking kernels for 2.0 on an pre- (though you can use govnahto to fix at 600 mhz).

    Battery seems to run down a bit quicker - though still makes it through a working day well into the evening.

    The good stuff:

    The transitions seem much smoother/quicker (and this is non overclocked)

    Stacks are cool and quite useful

    Quickoffice is better than its predecessor

    Just type is very useful - i use my phone mainly for work, and being able to just start typing a task or email is extremely useful.

    Overall i think 2.0 works very well on the pre-. Whilst i;m waiting for my phone to stop working with my work email/calendar i may stick with it.

    Whilst i had some paid apps that i miss, i have found some free alternatives for a few of these and the others are not deal breakers.

    The biggest annoyance is the inability to add bookmarks for the browser - if anyone know how to fix this it would be much appreciated - this will probably be the issue that makes me switch back. If i don't it will be because i've become overally fond of just type.

    Overall 2.0 works fine on a pre minus. If the problem preventing a roll out was due to the partition issue/installation then i think Palm should say this and let people make the choice.

    I'm sad to be enjoying my last few months of WebOs, but unless there is a surprisingly early uk release of the new phones then i guess this is the end of the road for me and Palm (and to think after the lifedrive things were starting to look up), at least for the time being.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ukdoc View Post
    Battery seems to run down a bit quicker - though still makes it through a working day well into the evening.
    "still"? Mine never did that to begin with...

    Thanks for the thoughts on 2.0 on a UK Pre though; interesting reading!
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    Thanks for the info, I am on a Pre Plus and was thinking of playing with 2.0 doc.

    But looking at the webos checker, the O2 pre plus may get something in the "coming weeks". Maybe this will be a less buggy 2.0?

    Don't have a desperate need for a new long as Hpalm issues updates to fix bugs..
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    Steven X - Should have mentioned that ihave a mugen power 1400mAh battery rather than the stock.

    FunkBluDawg - agree if i had a pre+ woudl probably hold on - though i'm not so confident that HPalms definition of "coming weeks" is likely to match most of ours.
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    Thanks for the summary. I've also loaded up 2.0 on my Sprint Pre (eligible to upgrade so if it dies before the new devices come out I'll move on) and your thoughts pretty much mirror my own. The only differences I notice is that paid apps do show up on my Pre. Maybe it's a region thing.

    Also the updated Exhibition works great. I like how you don't have to unlock the phone to check your missed messages and emails. Plus, little touches like you can turn your background on and off by touching the screen or switching to different view like agenda.

    I wonder if HP decided against releasing the update because of Flash. Everything else the update adds improves the WebOS experience except for the fact that Flash barely works. I hope they change their mind and release 2.0 officially since this update has changed my mind about jumping ship and going with either Android or WP7.
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    The more we see about the non-release the more convinced I am that it is due to carrier pressure. I don't think HP will change their minds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ukdoc View Post
    Battery seems to run down a bit quicker - though still makes it through a working day well into the evening.
    I'm also running 2.01 on a uk gsm pre but in Oz but have found the battery life some what better battery life using a stock battery(whiich is about 6 month old )

    not able to Add the bookmarks is the thing that gives me the S****

    also found that 2.01 has a lot of patchs built in
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    im running 2.01 on my vzw pre plus and its great. i did get mines from a spanish site so no translation needed. it works perfect including the app store and i also can see all apps. my bookmarks work perfectly.

    my fav part about this software is the fact that i can organize webos way better than before. i created media and office tabs in my launncher. i love the updated spell check and custom dictionary. and flash is reasonable. maybe better when the overclock kernels come to 2.0. im happy and although i miss some apps not yet ready for 2.0 im happy with it and will stay until the updates come to me.
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    An alternative to bookmarks is to go to the webpage you want to bookmark. Copy the url & paste it in memos, it will be a hyperlink that you can click on that will automatically launch that webpage. Almost like a bookmark. You can name them lik this (just skip a line after the name):

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    is the verizon version 2.0.1 available for me, if a got a Palm Pre plus (GSM, France)??
    I have found the 2.0 version (i dont think it is 2.0.1), no bookmarks and not all apps..only a few, and free apps.

    Actually running on Palm Pre Plus - France -
    Next phone : Palm Pre 2/3? ! WebOs Rules!
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    hi all i just wanted to know if anyone could tell me how to update my pre i dont know if i cant upgrate it because im from mexico ore because my pre its the first model if anyone could help me i would be grateful

    well thanks for your help

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