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    hey mine is a unlocked palm pre. i installed preware n when i tried to download any app frm d app catalogue its showin error..i have also no idea abt palm profile.shd i need a palm profile to download apps ..if so wher should i enter d details ....please help....
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    its not always geo restricted as the case with mine
    unlocked pre2
    I am in the USA activated in the USA but i activated it with an unsupported carrier->cincinnati bell but they are in the process of adding it to their list of app catalog approved carriers
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    I understand I just wanted to put it out there cuz I haven't seen any threads on unsupported carriers in supported countries and I was hoping to get someone say here ya go bryan here's a fix..hehe..uh, but palm tech support called me late march and told me they are going to add cincinnati bell to their supported carriers, as soon as that happens I'll tell ya. So ppl can call palm and maybe get their carriers supported as well

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