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    I know this question has been asked 100 times because I've found a million results when searching, but none of the answers seem to solve the problem.

    all my music is ripped on windows media player, so they are wma files. They obviously won't play on my pre.

    I've tried foxtab and dbpoweramp for converting to mp3 and both show my wma music folders as empty.

    I used to use itunes...back in the day, till that sync went away. Tried mediamonkey but that's not working anymore.

    All I want to do is listen to my music on my Pre... why is this so difficult?

    I wish I could go back to before that itunes update which made the sync no longer work...

    any advice appreciated...
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    I don't understand the question. Transcode them to mp3 ot aac and just copy them to the usb partition on the phone. Did you try that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I don't understand the question. Transcode them to mp3 ot aac and just copy them to the usb partition on the phone. Did you try that?

    how do I transcode them?

    I am only aware of attempting via converters, and the converters I've tried (listed above) don't work.

    example... Album in my Music folder: 311 Greatest Hits. Open folder and alas! It appears empty via the eyes of the converter. however try to open via windows media and the songs are are there and playable. I can't get a converter to find/recognize the files in the first place to convert.
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    I have about 100 or so WMA files that I just converted to MP3 yesterday. I used an application called Smart Audio Converter. I used the free trial version. Once I converted everything to MP3, I then used Media Monkey to help fill in all the tag information (including album art). Then I copied the MP3 files to the device in USB Drive mode.
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    Have you tried looking for one specifically for converting wma files?

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    well the cnet file wasn't doing anything, so trying this one: Free WMA to MP3 Converter - Freeware convert WMA to MP3. so far it's reading files and attempting to convert to mp3. I don't know what bitrate I should be going for? so I'm letting it run default. stay tuned.
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    success! this converter worked. a bit sloppy, didn't bring the cover art or anything but hey at least its something!
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    I'm in the same boat and need to convert a few hundred .WMA files (previously a Windows Mobile user). Thanks for these couple leads. I was looking for a way to mass-convert my music to .MP3.
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    I still don't understand why HP/Palm doesn't buck up the $ to MS to add WMA/WMV support to webOS. It looks like Android has it, well at least on their honeycomb tablet if not the phones.

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