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    Like quite a few other people, I was really disappointed by Palm's decision to not update the Pre to WebOS 2.0, especially since it has been promissed.

    I'm not going to rant on how it paints a picture of how the Pre3 might be treated with the following WebOS version, how I'm not sure why Palm is "starting over" again after it worked "so great" the last time they did, how I'm pretty confused after all the back and forward type afterplay that's been happening in the last few days, etc.

    Instead, I'm going to list the features I expected from an update to WebOS. I understand that features like Stacks might indeed not really make sense on a Pre Minus that lacks the RAM to open enough apps for it. Additional interface bling might require more processing power and you can't expect everyone to overclock their phones. There are, however, some basic features that would have been nice to have from WebOS' release date on already. Things that complete the experience, that I consider lacking. It's a shame we won't be getting all the fancy new software stuff but some things should have been there all the time.

    • Facebook Chat - it's already possible with patches and other tricks. Unfortunately, not through Preware (the chat spoof patch disables Google Apps-Account's GTalk). However, now that Facebook allows for Chat over XMPP, the same protocol GTalk uses, I see no reason why it shouldn't be there. Chat already eats through the battery and you can/should turn it off anyway.
    • VPN Support - since WebOS is running on top of Linux and there are ARM-ports for at least Cisco VPN (vpnc) and PPTP, which are all free software, it should also be possible to add VPN support to the Pre
    • Working PDF reading - this is a major issue for me. Quite often, PDF files can't be opened and there's nothing I can do about it.
    • Undo/Redo - why we would need that should be obvious, but let me give another example: select something and copy it by tapping meta-c. If you let go of the gesture area to soon, you end up replacing your text with "c". No undo.
    • List of appointments on the lock screen - I have my touchstone and it already shows me the clock, the weather (through weather dashboard) and any new notifications. What would be nice would be viewing my agenda for the day there, too. Which brings me to
    • Agenda view for the calendar - I have no idea why this isn't there. Until it somewhat broke, the agenda app was nice and with UberKalender, it was integrated into the calendar app. However, I wish for a more poished solution

    Of course I was really hoping for the other exiting features that have been somewhat promised for my trusty old Pre, too. However, those are some basic features I would have expected when I bought the phone.

    Anything else? Might it be possible to see those things fixed somehow, through homebrew solutions, or even through another update to WebOS 1.x?
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    Well if 2.0 does come to VZW they need to not cripple the GPS.

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