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    Does anyone else have problems with their Pre losing the mobile network connectivity? Seems like at least once a day I'll have to update my network settings because I've lost connectivity to Sprint's network. Happens a lot if I switch from Wifi to 3G but it also seems to just randomly happen throughout the day. And I know it's my phone and not Sprint because the last time it happened (last night) my daughter who was sitting right next to me with her Samsung Epic was connected just fine.

    So anyone else have this happen? And more importantly, anyone know how to fix it?
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    I am having a similar problem with my Verizon Pre+ which has worked fine for quite a while. But over the past 2-3 days (not sure when it started exactly) it will not get a connection for voice calls, text, Twitter updates, web browsing, etc. All incoming calls go straight to my voicemail. Below are summaries of the error messages I get in each aspect:

    Calls: eventual error msg: "Call failed: network busy"
    Text: Messages initially seem to go out, but then later fail "due to network error (code 66)"
    Twitter: apps just endlessly cycle for updates, but do not resolve
    Web: "No Internet Connection - Please enable networking before using the browser"

    I don't know the technology, but my wife recently made changes to our home wireless network to shield it from others in the general area looking for WiFi connections. Could that have an effect like this? Would something like that affect my ability to talk/text/twit/browse when I am not at home and out of range from my home WiFi? I am not sure how/where the settings are for correcting this kind of issue if this is even the problem.

    If so (or if not) any ideas on how to fix that?
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