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    After reading dereks article and finding out that sprint isn't replacing pre (minus). I have come to the conclusion that it's the best thing to happen if sprint gets the pre3.

    Now this may be wishful thinking, but when I worked as a sprint tech... If a customer had a say EOL'd winmo landscape KB phone, and we weren't replacing them anymore , we HAD to replace it with a comparable model, IF there happened to be a NEW landscape winmo phone we HAD to replace it with that.. Same with the treo 650, remember the 700?

    So IF the pre3 is Launched on sprint.. FREE pre3's for ALL!

    Thank you

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    That would be awesome! I doubt this will happen though. I'm sure they have a huge back stock of refurbished Pre's. I know Asurion will still send you a Pre.
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    they'll give us Pixi's. Guarantee'd
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    For a little while until stock runs out. Then it's up to what you can negotiate.

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    by the time sprnt launches the Pre3, pretty much all of their current users will be out of warranty.

    I sure wish sprint had skiped that Kyocera mess and jumped on the Pre3. I'm sure Palm could whip up a million or two in time for a spring launch if sprint wanted them to.

    I'm not on sprint, but I really feel bad for sprint users because you have no good options and nothing but silense from sprint.

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