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    My brother has a Pre from verizon. Got it about 3 months ago. He is having some screen issues. When you turn the screen on, the plam logo shows up and its moving up and down and very fuzzy. Then the regular screen shows up for about a second and is all fuzzy and green and you cant seem a damn thing. Then it shuts off. You can tell that the phone is on but the screen is off. Any ideas?
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    3 months it is under warranty take it back
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    The screen is most likely defective, or a loose connection. Get it exchanged or send it out for warranty.
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    They still have refurbished ones lying around? What are the chances of gettin a pre 2?

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    I just returned a Verizon Pre+ last week -- no longer under warranty, but made an insurance claim after lost phone while digging my car out of the snow and only found it hours later.

    Went to local Verizon store last Monday and they had nothing in stock; made an insurance claim with Asurion and they sent me another Pre+ by UPS on Wednesday.
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