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    Hi there

    I Have a Palm Pre which i bought in December 2009 in The Uk on an o2 Contract. I Moved to the USA in late 2010 and have not used my Palm Pre since, It got switched back to factory settings. I no longer have an account with o2. Ive been trying to set it back up and possibly unlock it.

    The problem i have is that i switch the Handset on and it asks me to select a language and then a country. I have tried hitting Uk and USA many different times and it just sits on a loading screen after hitting the country.. Says sos only where the network name appears and that is it. It can sit there for hours, The only way to stop it is to switch it off.

    SO i am just wondering what the best advice is. I understand that without unlocking it that i will not be able to use it in the US. but is there away i can at least get back into the Handset and use it rather than looking at a horrible loading screen

    Thank You
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    does it have a sim card? That's where I've seen the sos message.

    are you trying to activate it to make calls, or just use for wifi?

    palm has a bypass utlity that wiill bypass the carrier activation screen.

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