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    If you need a replacement or back up Pre right now is a good time to get one, they are really cheap on Ebay. Around $40 for worn ones or $50 or $60 for one in good shape. Someone dropped my phone in water so I ended up having to get a replacement and was surprised how cheap they are. Just a couple of months ago they were more arond the $100 area. Hope this helps someone. I can't imagine them getting too much cheaper.
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    I got mines in Dec month for $66, great condition.
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    Pickup up a bad esn palm pre for 30 bucks off craigslist (perfect condition).
    New to webos interface but loving it.
    Using it essentially as an ipod touch alternative and I must say, this thing is an absolute beauty to use. Shame no 2.0 though.
    So.... checkout craigslist and kijiji too, although watch out for bad esn ones.
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    Bought a used Pre in October of 2009 (I think October? Around that, any ways) for $125. Used it for a while, it broke, and got a brand new one under TES in 2010. Still using that Pre
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    Just got one on eBay for $71, reportedly just a few months old before seller got iPhone. We'll see if it's as advertised next week.
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    Wow, people are getting ripped off!
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    just got one at the end of jan., a + on vzw for $80 including shipping. i only feel ripped off knowing that it isnt going to get upgraded to 2.xx i think its a great phone beyond the obvios that we all know by heart.
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    I will sell mine for 10 bucks before " This Summer".
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    I got a pre plus for 52 on ebay! Awesomeness

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    Quick question.. I'm looking for a used Pre. Will a used Pre + from Verizon work on Sprint? Thx
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    It was so hard to get a new Palm Pre 2 that I almost gave-up, so mine is not For Sale until the HP Pre 3 hits the shelves.

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