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    My calendar stopped working a few weeks ago. Everything else is fine. I had UberCalendar for months without a problem. Tried everything. Just did a Doctor and the Calendar app still will not open (glows but nothing else). I tried the Emergency Reiar Utility prior to the Docotor. Only one file was changed and it still did not work.

    After the Doctor, I did download a Patch that allows a swipe down to see calendar events today and tomorrow and that works fine (so the Calendar "inside" is working) but the app will not open.

    Any ideas at all?

    Also, when I go to google's mobile version on the browser, I cannot get the calendar to work. Everything else displays fine. Most people will never need to try this but let me know if you have this problem as well.
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    try the dr. One more time
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    did you run the repair with override on?
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    I did not. What is override? What are the risks?

    Do you expect that this will work?
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    if you run the repair utility with it off it doesn't change any files.
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    Is there a negative to creating a new Palm Profile? Won't I lose my purchased apps if they require a new installation? I would happily consider this if I know what the risks/limitations are...

    Someone else suggested it may be something corrupt in one of the appointments in the Calendar. Is there any way to determine this?
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    If I run the repair utility with the Overide on, it says that it will disable tweek/patch compatibility and is generally NOT recommended.

    Geeksquadkid - is this what you are recommending? Will I be able to re-install my patches?
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    Good suggestion, however I was not able to open the calendar to log in after the Doctor to set up the Calendar for a Google sync. When I first logged in I used only my Yahoo! mail account and bypassed the Google account. I did log into Google later for the contacts so maybe it is in fact synching. Not certain.

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