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    Hi Folks,

    like my Pre - more the webos with preware than the hardware, still want to stay with it. What happend - it happend and there can be only one thing, a step forward. So this is what i'd like to see, making it possible.
    will the Pre 2 be available in germany...?
    thanks a lot to everyone working on
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    THe Pre2 or the Pre3 will be available in Germany. I can't give you any idea of when that will happen because there have been no leaks or word from Germany like the US of A. But don't be frantic or worry much. It is possible they will be announcing it ether coming when they announce the USA service providers carrying it because the Pre 2 launched in France and Palm is a USA company... obviously confusing.
    Just don't worry and don't be like all us stupid Americans and complaining about the simplest of things like our batteries aren't another 1mAh bigger *sniffle*.
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne

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