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    does anyone know how to install thunderbird on palm pre?
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    the kernel?
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    longer answer: you would have to get the standard x-server running on your pre (its been done) and then you would also have to probably cross-compile thunderbird from its source code to be compatible with the Pre CPU, since it doesn't officially exist except for PC's. This really goes for any regular Linux app you'd want to take from a PC and run on your Pre.

    shorter answer: you don't want to
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    OH...he means the thunderbird OC kernel, not the email client. For that, you need to search google or the forum for the instructions on installing preware, then the instructions for setting up the kernel testing feeds, and then install the thunderbird kernel and its companion program, govnah, from preware.
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    I think lol. If you mean the kernel then just preware or WOSQI via kernel testing feed.
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    this is true.

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