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    About a month ago, I made a thread that I kept getting blank messages in my messaging app. Now they were suppose to be messages, because if I was to back out from the specific contact, and return then I would be able to read the message. The problem is that when I have hundreds to go through, it this happens every 20 or so messages, it ends up taking a long time to get through it. But I thought the problem was solved when I took off my theme, it returned. So then I tried to look at the messages without making my phone run at 1ghz, and I ran it at default. This too worked for a while, but then the problem returned. This time, I took screen shots of it so that you can better see the problem. This is what always happens when I get a lot of text messages that I have to go through. Last time some one suggested taking logs from my phone, though I do not know how to do this. So if some one can please tell me that would be most helpful.
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