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    Today I got home from work, plugged in my touchstone next to the computer, poured a glass of wine, and took my Pre out of it's belt holster and stuck in on the touchstone. <<deleted by mod>> I looked down at it and it said "charging battery" upside-down at the top of the screen! I figured I'd just put it on the charger upside-down and I didn't have my reading glasses on so I switched it...still "charging battery" upside-down. So I put the readers on and noticed the speaker was on the bottom and the notification light was on the top. So I turned the Pre again so the speaker was on the top and I'll be dipped in ****! All the battery info, date, time and whatnot on the top of the phone was missing and the "charging battery" notification was at the top of the screen instead of the bottom and was upside-down! I did a full reboot and all was good but I must say I've never seen anything like this before. Anyone else had this happen to them?
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    Did you drink the wine before you noticed this?
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    ^ LOL
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    At least he's not drinking the kool-aid.

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    And hey not to judge but LSD is known to cause some problems as well.
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    While I have tried many of the aforementioned in my youth I assure you I had touched nothing before this happened....It is simply demon possession (or a by-product of the "too many cards" error) by my Pre, probably set off by my merely thinking about trading it in for a Pre 3 ASAP, lol! IDK, it was sure weird and I gotta' think this has happened to someone else before.
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    I have seen a Pink carrier string on my old pre once

    At least it wasnt a pink elephant !
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    Maybe the old uninvited OTA "back"-date?!?
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