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    Hey guys, I've been looking through the forums for quite a bit of time since I found out about the website. I've had a sprint palm pre, pretty much since the launch day with only 1 replacement. I've been a huge fan of palm since my first treo 600 and have only had palm phones since. I don't want you guys to think I'm a ******, I've played with iphones ( I have an ipod touch 4g) and spent lots of time on my girlfriends android, and have tried windows 7. Webos by far has been the most amazing. My friends constantly tease me on the build quality that was the pre and how I should jump ship to other better phones; truth being webos is the perfect platform for me and what I need in a phone. The point I'm getting at here is that I've been a webos fan for a long time and this website and forum have been an AMAZING asset, I really want to thank everyone who makes this board as helpful as it is. However I also am writing this in disgust at the amount of trolls and lack of respect I've seen for a while now, I miss the days where I can browse around and get amazingly useful information. Now all I get are trolls and rude impatient flame wars. I really hope this community doesn't lose it's roots with all that crap. I just wanted to say that..
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    Agreed with the overwhelming amount of flame threads. There are way too many of them.
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    With good reason. We have been lurking in these threads for clues and hints and little surprises and have found none. To hear this is outrageous. It's simply not fair.

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