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    I am having issues with my battery. It all started yesterday.

    I will be in the middle of reading something/playing a game or anything and all of a sudden my battery will drop to zero.

    I will put it on the touchstone to charge it and it takes it awhile to charge up. But once it gets to 25% it will jump back up to 100%.

    I have tried restarting the phone but that didnt do anything and it is still doing the same thing today.
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    Install Dr. Battery from Preware and check/calibrate your battery. Most likely it is dying and you just need to pick one up from Amazon for a couple of bucks.
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    arrasmith is right. Follow the instructions for doing the calibration with Dr. Battery. That will at least take care of the sudden jump/drop in battery reading so you actually know how much you have left and aren't caught off guard. Eventually though you're gonna definitely want a new battery, since that issue is a sign of your battery really starting to wear out.

    After you finish the calibration btw (be patient and follow the directions exactly), you can also go to the Health tab in Dr. Battery and it will tell you how much of a total charge your battery is able to hold now as a percentage compared to when it was new.
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    Thanks for the tip. I will download as soon as I can take it off the charger. It just did it again.

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