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    I was thinking about something, and I found a weird comparison.

    I think the original pre is like Danny DeVito.


    Danny DeVito is a fantastic actor, and has been in many movies with reputable roles. He's not the most good looking guy in the bunch, and he might now be all that strong, but he makes up for that in performance capabilities.

    The Pre has had a reputable past and lived to many expectations. It's not the most good looking phone in the bunch, and his hardware isn't that strong, but he makes up for that in software.

    In the case of the recent developments, I feel like HP Palm not giving the 2.0 update to the first generation of devices is akin to promising Danny DeVito a reprised role in a new movie. We know he can do, that he's capable, but the industry doesn't want him.

    Sadly, it's the same thing for the Pre
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    Except that the Pre does not make up for anything in software. In fact, some of the first steps at making up with software is only promised for webOS 2.x and beyond.

    So it's more like a bad actor that has promised to do better by taking classes and then finding out he will not be allowed to attend those classes. Now he's stuck learning whatever he can at home(brew) and hoping for the best.
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    yeah and the pre isn't in it's always sunny in the philadelphia so devito trumps the pre
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