about HP's decision not to upgrade and Pre-/+'s to WebOS 2.0? When Palm was acquired by HP, we were told it's a good thing b/c now Palm would be part of the biggest technology company in the world, with virtually bottomless pockets. Endless resources!!! Now HP is saying it's just not feasible to sent out OTA 2.0 updates to Pre-/+'s? We know it's technologically possible to run 2.0 on a Pre-/+ b/c several users in the forum somehow have it. So are they saying they can't afford it? Or are they saying that the biggest technology company in the world can't figure out how to send out that OTA updates? I guess that concept isn't included in "Thinking beyond..."

In any event, this doesn't immediately affect me b/c I'm holding pat with my Pre Plus until my upgrade in December. Thanks ONLY to all the wonderful homebrew developers, I've recently patched the devil out of my phone, so it'll hold me over until then. Unfortunately, this does concern me long-term if this is how HP plans to do business going forward. I've been VERY unimpressed with HP so far. They bungled the Pre 2 release, announce the Pre 3 which won't release several more months, then they go back on their previous announcement and tell us we won't be getting 2.0 on our devices. Up until yesterday, I've assumed I'd be in Verizon on my first day available for upgrade and be getting the newest WebOS device. Now I'll have to think long and hard about making a 2 year commitment to HP.