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    I have looked at other phones, and between my pixi and my pre, but I cant imagine leaving palm, but no xm app or flash i feel like im in the stone ages. I cant imagine leaving palm, and i do love so much about webos, I am not due for an upgrade in a few months and i can be bought. The best deal for me would be continued service so I dont feel like my device is so far behind others when i am forced into these contracts, and I know i dont need a contract, but most devices survive two years without being obsolete
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    Can't really see buying another Pre. I got the Pre+ almost a year ago now. My contract is up in April and I'll be moving on to either Android or an iPhone. I do like the Pre, and the WebOS is great, but my Pre+ feels like it's about to fall apart. And though I did like what I saw in the Pre 3, there was nothing there to make me think that the Pre is a big part of what HP is intending to do. I see no indication that HP is really interested in making a great phone. They seem to be interested in making decent, pretty good, a little better than average phones, with a very good operating system. I'm just not convinced that the Pre is a big part of where HP is going other than to supplement their tablets. Having said that, I don't feel that HP owes me anything. Because I came to this website before I bought my Pre, I knew of all of its shortcomings before I bought it. I bought it anyway, primarily because of WebOS and the free hotspot. The free hotspot is what I'll miss most. I did expect that more apps would be developed for my phone (though thanks to the homebrew people I got a lot of cool stuff), and I thought that the gps problem would be fixed, and also took a chance that the build quality wouldn't be as bad as reported. It did grow a little tired of seeing some great new app only to read that the app was only available on iPhone and Android. At this point I would not buy another Pre connected to a contract. If I could buy one for $100-$200 without a contract I might take a chance.
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    Again, i say...You have not seen any HP phones yet. These phones announced at CES are simply retreads from Palm. You probably won't see an HP phone until late summer at best. I live in HP land and they don't do things halfway. I would expect something big to hit before the end of the summer. No insider info here. Just know a lot of people that work in the printer division here in Boise and like I said, they don't do anything halfway.
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    spudland, I hope you're right. My contract is up in April, but I'm going to probably wait till summer to at least see what Apple does with the iPhone. If HP does decide to take WebOs hardware to another level, we'll get some word by then (or at least some rumors.)
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    ..........they don't do anything halfway.
    The trouble is, they don't seem to do anything quick either. In the cell phone market, that's just not acceptable. I've gotten a bit less torqued about the Feb-9 disaster over the last couple of weeks, and while I'm still pretty upset, I love WebOS more than I hate HP right now. If they can speed up their time-table enough to stay competitive, it would probably take a lot less to make me stay than I though 2 weeks ago.

    My 1-year renewal expires at the end of March, but there really isn't anything on the market right now that I find all that compelling, so I probably won't upgrade my phone until the 22 month mark in July. If HP get's something great on Sprint by then, and gives any reasonable incentive to Pre- owners, I'll probably take them up on it.
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    Since they left me in the cold there is nothing they can do to make me stay...I brought the Palm Pre - thinking that they were going to release the flash player now that I know there is nothing for the first Palm they can kiss my ***..Thanks for nothing HP..keep up the good work
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