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    One thing I will not do for HP is sing the praises of webOS until I know what they are going to do for me as an original launch day sprint Pre owner. No more voting for them like I did on every round of Laptop Magazine's OS Bowl. No more blog, facebook or twitter posts. Not for a few weeks, or summer, perhaps.
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    I would like a Pre3 at a $100 Contract Price-Turning in my old Pre - but it has to be on Sprint. I was a Red V fan before, but their plans are just very overpriced.

    Now if they are willing to switch me to Verizon at the same price as My sprint Plan and guarantee it will never change $99 Unlimited everything and still give me the $100 Pre3 for two year contract. I'm sold.

    (on second thought ... no Verizon switch, They do not have the New Every Two Program anymore and ETFs are nuts!)

    I'll also take a tablet for $100 Wifi Only version

    Or a Pre3/Tablet Combo for $100
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    You guys think you can demand anything you want from HP just because we've been waiting a while? Some of these demands are just pure comic relief.
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    I will actually BUY my own Pre 3 and Tablet OFF CONTRACT if HP gives me this:

    1) FREE 1st class airline tickets (for 2) to visit every city where HP has an office in the world,
    2) Access to be an early Alpha Tester for every new WEBOS device for the next 30 yrs.
    3) Credit for a fully loaded Envy 14 and an Envy 17
    4) Access to to HP Labs anytime I want to go there.
    5) Ported IPAD Apps for TouchPad: touch OSC, Morph Wiz, Irig, AmpKit, Saitara AC-7 Pro
    6) Get with Yamaha/Steinberg to get a Cubase/Nuendo version for the TouchPad that wirelessly controls the desktop versions.
    7) Lastly just need 10,000 options at the exercise price of $1

    I'm not asking for much
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    Quote Originally Posted by SleeplessInWebOS View Post
    You guys think you can demand anything you want from HP just because we've been waiting a while? Some of these demands are just pure comic relief.
    Nobody is demanding anything. The OP asked what angry Pre owners would need from HP to to make up for how ticked off we are, and ridiculous responses are not demands. They're honest answers to a simple question.

    The simple answer is that at this moment, for some of us, it would take more that HP would ever really give or do.
    Quote Originally Posted by VeeDubb65 View Post
    It is as if you said that the result a dog and a cat mating was a giraffe. It's so completely wrong, that it's difficult to argue with someone who believes it to be true.
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    All these mail-in rebate suggestions makes me cry on behalf of the ROW users.

    Instead of sending in your device a coupon by suuplying the would be universal.

    I rather go with that to make sure the guys who still don't have features like paid apps also gets a discount.
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    I don't accept bribes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistercory View Post
    Everybody is all upset and surprised that HP broke their promise to upgrade our existing phones. When you look at it realistically how can you be surprised? It's not right but it is what it is. You and I are existing Palm/HP customers who haven't put a dime in HP's palm (pun intended). HP bought Palm to make money, not develop WebOS 2.0 then give it for free to everyone who has their Palm (I kill me) out. The ONLY PEOPLE WHO MATTER ARE THE STOCKHOLDERS. PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION. Who do really think HP is more concerned about <<mod delete>> off? The handfull of existing Palm phone owners or the stockholders. If they withhold the update more people are going to buy a new phone. Not "may" buy a new phone, "will" buy a new phone. It may not be all of the people on this forum but many other Palm owners will. No matter what spin HP tries to put on it it all comes down to profitability. That's the American way.
    There are good ways to handle backtracking on promises, and bad ways to handle it. Guess which one HP chose ?

    They knew they had a small loyal base of evangelical fans - they broke trust with that group. There's a saying in retail - it's much easier to lose a good customer than gain a new one.
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    they have to make webos 2.0 available widely. within new devices or withing existing.

    it one of the most stupid things you can do when you want to sell a product: not selling it.

    that is exactly what happens right now: apps will not be developed for 1.4 any more as this one is officially outdated, apps cannot be developed for 2.0 as its not available broadly.

    i want to buy a new phone and i wont buy an existing as it is officially outdated and i cannot buy a new 2.0 one as its not available for me due to network / region / whatever.

    hp just created a huuuge gap. a lot of customers slide though that hole right now. the long and true legacy fan and customer base AND potential new fans and customers.
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    All I want is a webOS phone on Sprint that I can get when my *completely functional* Pre- finally dies.

    I'm pretty happy with it, honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrminer92 View Post
    I've been using it to view PDFs. What's broken?
    It doesn't work for many of us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aninias View Post
    What a <<mod delete>> statement. How will you be enjoying these devices soon if there is a long wait ahead?

    Besides, I bought my EVO last month and I am very impressed with it. It has great battery life compared to my Pre, it is most certainly faster, the apps available are much more impressive, the EVO has fewer bugs that effect my everyday use, I'm not limited to 8GB of on-board memory, there is a focusable 8MP camera ... the list could go on. Explain to me exactly how this doesn't satisfy the longing for new hardware.
    Android generally sucks(that's why you're here). It's a great open platform for developers who know how to use it, (not many) and carriers who enjoy raping it. Enjoy your 5 million soundboards. I'm sticking with webOS.
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    I haven't posted much around here for a long time... mostly because the webOS scene was pretty much stagnant and there was nothing of any interest to be read. I gotta say though... threads like this amaze me. I suppose its the sense of entitlement that amazes me. Really. I'm a launch day Pre owner... stood in line for that bad boy. I love my Pre... it has problems. Lots of them. Its still a great phone... even with all the crap that has happened with it. If it weren't I would have stopped using it ages ago. But come on... do you really think you are entitled to anything simply because you've been around for a while? Do you really think they owe you something simply because they said they were going to try? Hey man... you bought a product... if that product was not up to your standards when you purchased it... maybe you should have gone with something else. Can you buy a burger and expect it to get better as you eat it? No... I mean if its horribly wrong they will replace it... but they aren't going to give you upgrades while you chew.

    And seriously... if every time you were disappointed ended with someone giving you massive discounts or money in your hand or whatever most companies on earth would be broke. Get real... microsoft would be out of business... every politician on earth would be on his rump in an alleyway somewhere... religion wouldn't exist... your mom and dad wouldn't have been able to afford to have you... so on and so forth.

    Heres an idea... instead of sitting around being ****ed and pretending someone took your birthday away because your 2 year old phone wont be getting the newest best thing... lets try being adults here. Accept responsibility for the decision you made in buying a product.. accept responsibility for your decision to stick with it when it was apparently intolerable as a phone... and accept that at some point it isn't a viable business decision for a company to continue supporting old hardware if its going to hold back advances in new hardware. A lot of buffets call themselves all you can eat... but they aren't going to let you take up residence at table six and start having your mail delivered there. Sooner or later, you gotta pay again.

    Are we disappointed we arent getting 2.0 on our phones? Sure... I know I am... is there any point in throwing an inconsolable temper tantrum in public while making ridiculous demands about recompense? Not really. I would rather see webOS continue to improve and grow than force it into a stunted state by demanding it be backwards compatible in its infancy. Just think how helpless our kids would be if we bought them a pair of shoes when they were babies and demanded they continue wearing them till they were 18. You gonna be a baby? Or change your shoes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluewanders View Post
    I gotta say though... threads like this amaze me. I suppose its the sense of entitlement that amazes me. Really.

    I guess you didn't read the original post. Nobody ever ask (at least in this thread) "What do you think you legitimately deserve from HP at this point?"

    This thread started with a simple question directed to upset early adopters: "What would HP have to bribe you with to keep you?"

    Few if any of us actually expect HP to do anything that even vaguely resembles what has been discussed here.

    That's the point.

    We don't expect HP to do 10% of what it would take to keep us. Nobody is claiming to be entitled to any of this. That was never the question.

    Next time, try reading the topic of discussion before you climb up on that great big high horse of yours.

    The only reason many of us are even still on this forum, let alone still Pre owners, is because we haven't found our next phone yet, and in the mean time, we've enjoyed this forum. Many of us are also torn between our love of WebOS (and the community around it), and our anger/insult/disappointment/etc of Hewlett Packard.

    Personally, I'm doing research on my next phone right now, and debating between a few different models. In regards to the OP, unless HP does something to utterly amaze me before I make up my mind about my next smartphone, I'm gone.

    I've shared my displeasure here. I've contacted HP directly to let them know how disappointed I am and that their time to amaze me is measured in days or weeks at best, and I'm actively looking for my next phone because I have very little interest in a complete reboot of WebOS as a product line.
    Quote Originally Posted by VeeDubb65 View Post
    It is as if you said that the result a dog and a cat mating was a giraffe. It's so completely wrong, that it's difficult to argue with someone who believes it to be true.
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    Completely agree with the above post. My next phone will be Android-based and I will get it within a few months. I had no plans to buy a Pre2, and the webOS 2.0 update we were supposed to get would have held me through to the Pre3. At this point, if they want to offer me a free Pre2 (right now, I'm not waiting god knows how long for a Pre3) without messing with my contract I'll consider staying. I pretty much know that's not going to happen - and believe me, it's not an "entitlement", these phones have been pieces of junk - a better company would have addressed this situation properly.

    HP has the means to address these issues, but as they obviously could not care less about us I don't believe they will.
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    HP can't do much to get me to buy the Pre3. Yes it would be nice to have gotten WebOS 2.0, but let's face it, when a company fails, you don't get much if anything in terms of support from the new owners.

    HP hasn't had time to do more than refresh the Pre and the P3 buys them time, but it's definitely a second-tier offering. And I can't help but think that, really, HP is not a phone company and they have a long way to go. Apple did it, OK, there's hope.

    As a Sprint Premier member I get upgrade pricing every 12 months, though our family contract runs into next year. My Pre is out of warranty, so I responded to the HP announcement by installing Uberkernel to make the phone run faster for now.

    For now I save the $10 Sprint monthly data fee increase (and the cost of a phone) by doing nothing and just running my Pre until it breaks down. If that happens soon I'll defect to Android until HP brings out a really awesome WebOS phone.
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    come to sprint. That's al I need.
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    Pre 3 for Sprint. A trade-in credit towards the Pre 3 with my Pre as well.

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    GSM Pre 3 with a QWERTZ keyboard available unlocked on

    HTC didn't update any of my old WinMo phones to anything when 6.0 swang by, and then 6.1, and so on. It would be nice if I got some credit on a Pre3, but eh...
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    Get epocrates back to webOS.
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