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    In the last few weeks, I've gotten several remarks about my Palm Pre (original). One person asked, "Palm still makes phones?". Another said, "Hey, that phone is pretty <<deleted by mod>> cool, what phone is that?" And yet another said, ''Is that your phone, it's so small it looks like a girl phone."
    I think these remarks kind of encompass everything that the Pre is; a unique, innovative phone that is kind of the cheap, feminine looking side. The Pre is unique and kind of has a cult following. It's not the phone that everyone has like an Iphone or Blackberry, but it still has cool features and interface that a lot of other phones don't have, YET. So, I held onto my Pre with the notion that eventually Palm or HP or someone would eventually take this WebOS thing and put it into a different device. Maybe something a little more modern, sturdy and hopefully, still original. I don't want to have the same phone everyone else has and I'm sure that's why most of us still have our Pre's. Because let's face it, WebOS is cool, but there are some much better phones out there.
    So when HP acquired Palm, we all kind of foolishly hoped that they would develop this new, Super WebOS phone and they hand us a Palm Pre nano (the Veer) and a Palm Pre Jumbo (the Pre 3). First of all, the Pre is pretty small as it is. There is no need for a SMALLER Pre. The Pre 3 is cool in that someone finally realized that the Pre is kind of small and lots of people want bigger screens. No, if that's not disappointing enough, these phones are exactly how I described them, a bigger version and a smaller version of the Palm Pre. Where is the originality? Where is some attempt at cool? The original Pre was never heralded for it's physical appeal. Where is the innovation? This was supposed to be a momentous event! I like being a part of the Pre cult, but eventually this phone is just gonna be too outdated and that day is drawing pretty near. The Pre 3 is just a Pre that is no longer outdated, but just catching up. Oh, and the phone is coming out in a few months so maybe it will be a little outdated by the time it's released.
    I'm just real disappointed as I'm sure most of you other Pre owners are. Now, I'll have to join the masses and get an Iphone or Android phone. And the tablet is cool, but so are most other tablets. I don't see anything that really sets the HP tablet apart. Sorry, HP, you guys failed. I'm sure you'll realize that when, in a year or so, that billion dollars you spent on Palm seems like an awful big waste of money.
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    I'm right there with you buddy.

    I love my pre, but it is old (the veer having almost doubled those specs proves that) and I went to craigslist to find an Evo. Found one for $130 but I havent gotten a reply from the poster.

    As much as I want them to succeed, they gave a big ***** slap to their loyalists. You'd think they would put focus on the people that trusted them in the first place.

    Here's to hoping that someone can port over WebOS to a capable device
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    I want to rant too now.

    Quote Originally Posted by macbranson View Post
    And yet another said, ''Is that your phone, it's so small it looks like a girl phone."
    Seriously?! There are people dumb enough to say things like this? And even more so, there are people sensitive enough to be offended by it?

    I mean, if you don't like the phone, you don't like it. If you prefer something larger, that's fine. But come on now, let's not be ridiculous.
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    I would rant too if I didn't want to waste my time palm hp. I was a webos evangelist but not any longer.
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    Getting an EVO tomorrow. That says it all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RMB View Post
    Getting an EVO tomorrow. That says it all.
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    the only interesting this to me is the pre3, but it should be released in a week or two to really make a difference. im on my second pre+, after toilting my first. i love the phone. im not put off my the same form factor in a bigger and smaller package. but am miffed that the promised os update isnt happening to anybody with a device now. and dont understand the idea behind that. hpalm better make some enticing offer to current customers to get them to upgrade. thats the biggest negative from today for me. the second is the lack of more headsets. maybe at whatever they announce in march there will be more. and third is a surprising lack of wimax/lte phones. at least as an option. the 4g phones on vzw are looking mighty enticing. but i love the entire form factor of the pre. its gonna be hard to tear myself away from it, but seems like i just might have too.

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