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    Sprint has nothing that I'd want right now. Unless by some miracle they end up with an Iphone or an Android mobile device that runs Honeycomb (only way I'd consider Android but still not a certainty I'd go Android), I don't have a choice right now. My Sprint Pre will have to last until summer.
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    I had a nearly launch day pre but got a replacement about 2 months ago since the power button broke, so my pre minus is still in great shape.

    my contract ends in june or july so im most likely just going to wait until then and then see what my options are.

    Since i have a new ipod touch, apps arent even a big deal for me so for everything i would need in a phone, i would love the pre 3. its either that or a newer android phone.

    So i guess im just gonna wait and see what new devices are released. O and i am running webos 2.0.1 on my pre so i should be fine for a little while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooknn View Post
    So, nothing of interest until summer, and even then no guarantee that it will be on Sprint. My launch Pre (minus) is on its last legs. I need new hardware. I love webOS. This predicament sucks.

    Fellow Sprint Pre users, what are you gonna do?
    I'm right there with you. My first Pre died after more than a year, but since there was the hope of good things to come I bought a beat up returned unit off ebay thinking it would get me through. Now it's at least 4-6 months until there will be anything else, and there was no mention of Sprint at all.
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    I'll hang in there, and get a Pre 3 and a TouchPad this Summer. My Pre will be retired to the "old phone room" ;-)

    I wasn't going to update to 2.xx anyway - too many patches weren't going to work, (like ALL launcher patches), and I like the way the Pre functions now. (plus I've also got a rooted nookcolor for my Android fix. ;-)'s a great little $250 tablet BTW - and a great e-reader, of course... (WiFi - no data plan needed - tethered to the Pre)
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    I have 3 lines and have been eligible for an upgrade for a couple months - much too expensive to switch carriers anytime soon as the other lines have different end dates. If I do not use the upgrade by 4/1 I will lose it until Octoberish. If HP were to announce a slab prior to 4/1 that will hit Sprint sometime this year I will likely limp along on my Pre and cross my fingers.

    I honestly do not know what I will do if nothing is announced for Sprint prior to 4/1 but I am leaning towards something else. Although I love WebOS my experience with the Pre slider (and a few previous horizontal sliders) has been so poor that I never want to deal with one again regardless of how much I like the OS. I know that the slider on the Pre 3 is supposed to be better but the problem always has been that it feels great at 1st and 3 months later turns to garbage even if I hardly use it. And, given Sprints recent changes, I will be stuck with the phone for almost 2 years unless I want to spend an awful lot to upgrade after 1 yr.
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    I'm not really happy with Sprint coverage and current phone lineup. So if the Pre 3 doesn't come go to Sprint and goes to ATT instead I'm switching. GSM is the future anyway, and CDMA is a dead technology.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshyz View Post
    If we get WebOS2.? sooner than later I will be content. It will be somewhat like a new phone until Sprint picks up the 3, if they don't then I'll be shopping around..
    bad news...legacy devices aren't getting 2.0
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    I'm waiting for the Pre 3 to hit Sprint. If this Pre- has lasted over a year, I'm sure it can take a couple more months before retiring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gollyzila View Post
    I'm waiting for the Pre 3 to hit Sprint. If this Pre- has lasted over a year, I'm sure it can take a couple more months before retiring.
    You sir are as dedicated as they come. I thought I was too until this HP mess.

    HP clearly showed their willing to cut the fat to get into the market where fruitco and Google are. I don't see these devices hitting Sprint either, not for 2011. Not till wimax radios, not till the devices show it wont bomb.

    Played extensively with my co-workers Evo today and think I'm crossing over to the darkside to become a sheeple. Seems to do everything i can do with the Pre only faster. Though the size really does haunt me a bit for a holster kind of guy. But Sprint/HP has left this silver premier member no choice.
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    i love how even if the 3 comes to sprint it will cost me an extra $10 per month... lame... shoot, they will probably say since its a pre 3 i have to pay $30 extra a month to use it..
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    What am I gana do? The truth is I'm moving to Verizon come July because Sprint is just not making the cut anymore and I get a company discount at Verizon so I actually save money with them vs. Sprint. July is actually perfect because that is around the time all the devices will be out for sure and I won't have to wait in any line for them (my future Pre squared and me gana be haven't a fun time!!). If I were to stay with Sprint I would still get a Pre3 and rock the party out. Yes Sprint will be getting the Pre3.
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    I am done, going to best buy today, most likely going to evo. I have an upgrade burning a hole in my pocket since I have a launch day pre. I am not leaving sprint so moving i am moving to android. When I called sprint they recommended that I go to best buy to purchase the phone so i would not have to wait for the rebate, an evo will be $199.

    Hopefully on Android central they will put up info for those of us who will be making the shift. There will be a lot of catching up to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MKTrek View Post
    Hopefully on Android central they will put up info for those of us who will be making the shift...
    I'm making making the shift today. Evo Shift I suspect I'll be back. I was/am a big webOS fan. For now though, I'll dig my new hardware and see what Matias Duarte brings to Android. I feel like I'm leaving family. I'll still be hanging around, though. Good luck all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshyz View Post
    If we get WebOS2.? sooner than later I will be content. It will be somewhat like a new phone until Sprint picks up the 3, if they don't then I'll be shopping around..
    not getting webos 2.0 on Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    if you assume that the Pre3 will eventually arrive on sprint, and that Palm will announce more phones before the end of the year...staying with webOS (or coming back when sprint launches them) would be hard to beat.
    I respect your opinion but HP/Palm really hurt themselves with this week's announcements. In 5 months, these phones will be out-dated (they are already by some standards) and then we're hanging our hats on HP to deliver later this year?! Why are we always waiting and hoping instead of just getting a quality product delivered in a timely fashion. We waited for Webos 2.0 to come out for Sprint and then HP disappointed again. I waited this one out with my Sprint Pre minus but HP, in my opinion, failed big time!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooknn View Post
    There are a lot of Sprint Pre users bailing out for the EVO Shift. I read that it's on sale at Best Buy for $99 thru Sunday.
    I jumped the Pre ship back in Spet.and went with Android on Sprint. I agree with most posts here, by time HP releases these devices, they will be outdated as they already are.
    Samsung already has in the works a 2.1 Ghz dual core phone on the horizon.
    Currently rocking an Epic 4G with Android 2.2 ( had to flash Froyo 2.2 myself- being and Epic owner I feel the same "stuck in the mud feeling" as Pre users felt with all the empty promises, however the Samsung Hardware is rock solid and I am digging Android, haven't missed Pre that much. I still use it as a WiFi only device to play games and occasionally check e-mail or YouTube.
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    I'm sticking with Sprint as well. Been with them for about 12 years and though sprint ****es me off on occasion (like their latest "big announcement"), they're still significantly cheaper than Verizon and have way better service than AT&T and T-Mobile. I've already given up on HP. I love webOS but not enough to stay with old out dated hardware, lack of updates, and crappy build quality.
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    The people have spoken...
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    I'm sticking with Sprint, I've got 11 years with them, and I've been satisfied. I thought Sprint's "big" announcement was a joke, then again I thought HP's was too. I'm debating on whether to switch to the Evo now or not. I almost did in November, but decided to wait to CES...then to wait to Feb 9... and now what, wait until 'summer', if on Sprint, at all. My fear is that I will get an Evo, and 33 days later the Evo 2 is announced, and that I basically would be jumping from outdated Pre to outdated Evo. I can wait to summer, then if Pre3 comes, I'd probably get that. With my luck, it won't and if it does, it will more likely be fall. Tough to decision to pull the trigger. Overclocking shouldn't be needed to get good productivity out of a smartphone, in today's technology, considering alternatives. I like WebOS a lot, just hate how Palm and now HP have done such a poor job with the hardware.
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    To all the "Pre 3 is already an outdated phone" posters. A photographer friend of mine said "if you camera takes a good picture today, it'll take a good picture 10 years from now". He said this in response to all the "newer, better" cameras that are being released. If the Pre 3 kicks *** in today's standards, it'll work just fine when its released against all the other "shinier" phones that are going to be released later.


    Sorry, kind of the wrong thread for my post.
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