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    I'm in the same boat and don't see my Pre minus lasting much longer. I'm not a fan of horizontal sliders, so does that make the Evo still the best Android phone on Sprint?
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    I have pretty much decided to leave Sprint and go to Verizon. I'm waiting to see where the webOS phones land, how they hold up, and how Verizon service settles out after a few months with iPhones. The only way I'd stay with Sprint is if they have such a sweet package (including a webOS device) that I can tolerate the choppy service here (Houston).

    So, I'm pleased with the products and look forward to more in a few months.
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    Since reading no 2.x updates for older devices and looks like no new webos for Sprint, I going to Think Beyond webos and HP to Android or whatever Windows phone Sprint gets. I'm a premier customer even with the new changes and my corporate discount can't be beat. Never had a problem with Sprint service where I live either. Might try the Echo just for the heck of it. The hardware can't be any worse than the Pre slider. Kyocera bought Sanyo phone devision and all 6 Sanyo phones my wife and I had over the years were bullet proof. They were just replaced to get the latest and greatest. Our last Sanyos were replaced with Pre's. HP has shown disrespect to the Palm community with all their lies. BTW didn't Leo say devices would be released in weeks from announcement and not months? Another lie. HP does NOT= cool like Apple. At least Jobs delivers, and this is coming from a person who dislikes Apple and has NEVER owned an Apple device. The iTunes on my pc is so old it still syncs with my Pre.
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    Evo is a great option and definitely blows the Pre away. Never thought I would be an Evo fan and not a palm supporter but after using one for a month and after the announcements today, they have really made it difficult to defend their course of action and start pointing out their weaknesses. If you use the Evo for a month you will wonder what you have been doing with the Pre for the past two years.
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    if you assume that the Pre3 will eventually arrive on sprint, and that Palm will announce more phones before the end of the year...staying with webOS (or coming back when sprint launches them) would be hard to beat.
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    This is so sad....but sometimes reality is harsh.

    I wanted a wimax phone the moment wimax was available in houston (mid last year).

    I have no choice but to go to evo or epic....i was waiting for today....boy was I disappointed.
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    No upgrade til november here. Bah! I came to sprint for the palm pre. Is there an opt out of sprint contracts because of pricing changes? I don't think I can afford anything else anyway. Disappointed that I'm effectively being kicked off this os. I will keep my pre going as long as I can and take it from there.
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    I'll be keeping my palm pre- until summer then I'll see what will happen. I have a feeling more WebOS devices will be announced at the next meeting thingy.

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    Thankfully my Pre minus is still cranking and I can always wait. Why I can run a few more apps on the Plus or Pre 2. The Pre 3 looks great and I'd love the extra ram or otherwise, but hopefully I won't need to change and 2.0 through doctor updates comes available even without Sprints support. Sorli...
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    you my friend continue to enjoy webOS 1.4 Beta

    Like telling a android user continue to use 1.x when there are 2.x out there. That is funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooknn View Post
    Fellow Sprint Pre users, what are you gonna do?
    Tell Sprint that I want to stay, and they need to get me a WebOS device?

    Failing that, since the Mrs. and I can't stand Verizon, we'd probably look into AT&T.

    (And since the launch-day-purchase just had it's 3rd replacement, once due to a fluke charging error that was probably fixed with a simple flash and the latter due to the power button breaking just last month, I'm really rather glad I paid for Sprint's awesome insurance. Now if only my wife's POS phone would break... )
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    The loss of gestures on webOS 3.0 is a killer. I don't want a home button, I spent 2 years blasting antiquated home buttons. I also really don't want a Qualcomm processor. I believe OMAP or Hummingbird are the best on the market.

    So if I lose gestures, and gain a home button, and Qualcomm. guess what? Time to switch OS.

    Oddly, the playbook has gestures, it has cards. Mathias Duarte is at google working on Honeycomb. I expect some of his UI designs will trickle down to 2.X android, though google says phones will not get Honeycomb.

    I love my Pre, it's OC'd and patched and works great. I love the touchstone, use all the time at work. I just bought a $2 app today. In the last month I spent about $10 on apps expecting big things on March 9th, in total, I probably bought about $100 in apps. A lot during the half off, a lot on sale, but still I think I supported the community!

    But honestly, HP strayed from webOS uniqueness YET it added nothing. If anything webOS is weaker than it was in 2010 CES...and we have nothing to show for it. Wow, Time magazine and magazine subscriptions...guess what? Magazine subscriptions aren't cutting edge and publishers are desparate to generate revenue. Not impressed! Skype? Great, finally! What else? No hulu, netflix, etc. Not much content!

    The hardware is lackluster. I actually would buy a Pre3 today if it was available, but considering it's 4-6 months out it isn't cutting edge.

    Remember, the Epic is 4 months old. It has a 1Ghz hummingbird processor, 4in OLED screen, gorilla glass screen, and a ton of ram. It's not a perfect phone, and I prefer the Pre3, but it's here, it's real.

    HP announced concepts today, with actual devices in the "coming months", and I need a real device soon because as we all know, even if your Pre is getting by, the USB crack eventually hits the screen, the oreo gets worse, and the cheap plastic screen gets scratched to bits. And when it does fail, that's it. No replacement, no upgrade option. And because Sprint crippled the Pixi, you can't even get that to get by.

    Palm, Sprint, and now HP are a bunch of clowns. To expect more with all the hype, with all the money, and with all the time really isn't asking for much.

    I will order my Epic 4G this week, definitely getting a 4G device since Palm screwed me into thinking a device was potentially close to release, now my new phone cost an extra $120 a year! Awesome!
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    Currently have two Pre's and a total of 4 phones. My Sprint contract is up in August this year and I have a premier upgrade I have never used. Looks like the premier upgrade will be wasted since there will be no new WebOS phone on Sprint before April 1 when the program changes.

    I don't know. I love WebOS and personally I like the vertical slider. I'd like to see a Pre3 but I'm sure I would be happy with it.

    Questions, questions. Will Sprint carry the Pre3, when will they carry the Pre3?

    I am sure I can still get exchanges/repairs on my Pre for a while so I am not worried about that. Just be nice to know if there is a plan for HP/Palm and Sprint.

    Or I could get an Evo today for almost nothing. Hmmmm. Hate to say it but I am really on the fence, so it's day-to-day.

    Also, people are getting very belligerent about HP/Palm and WebOS. Come on people, it's just a phone. If you don't like it, buy something different.
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    I like the onscreen keyboard on the epic more than the evo so that's where I'm going. I'll be back when webos hits sprint.
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    I'm honestly not sure why people are complaining, unless they are the type of person that gets a new phone every two months or something. Every phone I've had with Sprint, I've had for 2 years (the length of my contract). It hasn't even been two years yet. So while the Pre builds are ****ty, yes I understand it sucks, but patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait, blah blah. You know.

    I'll be waiting, I don't plan on breaking my streak of 2 year upgrades. It keeps me in line with spending money appropriately.

    Except, I'll have to splurge when the TouchPad comes out.
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    heres a link from the sprint community already ranting about the Pre3. Stating that if they dont offer it most say they will leave sprint.

    Palm WebOS Phones:Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

    hopefully enough noise from us sprint owners, will turn the CEO's head at sprint once again, if that poll of what OS to support was not enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maryinredding View Post
    I was hoping that they would come out with a bigger phone with a landscape keyboard. But, now I see that one of the phones is smaller. The tablet looks promising but I already have an iPad so that doesn't entice me. I have freethether on my palm now so I can use my ipad to go on the web so I can see it. I am thinking up upgrading to the Samsung Epic in May when my upgrade is due. I really the OS but the Android phone can do so much more (such as giving you voice dialing). So, it looks like I will be making the change. I do not intend on leaving Sprint since its the best deal you can get for a data plan. Try adding up all the add ons to Verizon and AT&T and you will see that you would pay almost double what we now pay.
    I agree with Sprint being cheaper however, I made the change to Epic 4G around Christmas time after waiting for months for the new webOS phone. Anyway, a few things you need to know about Epic 4G.


    - This phone has the best and most beautiful screen I have ever seen. Samsung says they have topped it with SAMOLED plus but I assure you until you have this in your hand and looked at some pictures you won't be able to appreciate just how gorgeous it is. Nothing comes close. EVO's screen is just ok by comparison, it will be hard for me to go to an LCD backlit screen after using this.

    - The sound quality (speaker quality) is pretty good. Listening to music on the speaker phone is actually not that bad. I mostly listen to podcasts but the difference is apparent with music, the sound is clear with the highs and lows clearly separated.


    - Android is a work in progress. Just how much? you will realize once you own a device. UI is cludgy and unrefined at best with inconsistencies throughout the user interface. With Mathias Duarte on board they have started to fix this but this means your device needs to be updated constantly so that you get the latest build.

    - Each manufacturer has tried to either fix the UI issues by adding their customizations or tried to differentiate their products by adding their skins. Either way this adds another layer of complexity to the device which can result in two things sluggish performance for one and delays when a product is released and when an update is actually forwarded to the customers. Since the manufacturers have to make sure that their skins work with the new core and provide a stable experience. Add the delays with the Service provider and this could mean that you could potentially be waiting for an update for months on end.

    - Samsung has not provided with an update to Froyo i.e. Android 2.2 yet. This update allows you to save apps on the external flash (16 GB). With 2.1 you are limited to the internal 512 MB flash that Epic comes with (Epic has 2 internal storage locations 512 MB flash and 16 GB SD card). With the current firmware the external SD card can only be used for media and not programs.

    - 2.2 also provides several speed improvements and functionality improvements.

    - Samsung has a really bad track record with updates. Moment was end of life'd after just 9 months and never received an update to Froyo. They released Transform ( moment with front facing camera) instead and even that hasn't seen an update. I kep hoping that since "Galaxy S" is their high end brand they will update it to Froyo and ginger bread it is looking very unlikely that they will actually be keeping it up to date.

    I had also thought that since Nexus S is a flagship google device with he same innards as Epic 4G (with addition of NFC) Epic will get a more optimized version of android since everyone will be tailoring their software to work best on Nexus S. However, this has not materialized and Samsung Epic 4G at this moment does not look to be that great of a device because of this.

    Evo 4G has been updated to 2.2 but 2.3 update is still up in the air. Also, since it is on a last gen processor (first gen snapdragon) it is going to be more and more irrelevant as time goes by. I would be wary of buying that.

    AT this point I would just wait for an Android 2.4 device to buy when May rolls around as updates for Android devices are not guaranteed (unlike Apple).

    IF You are not tied to the idea of Android, PRe3 (if it comes to Sprint) does seem like a great phone (on paper at least). Just to recap, 3.6" screen, 512 MB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, 1.4GHz 2nd gen snapdragon, front facing camera, portrait slider with a bigger keyboard, Rear camera with auto focus, compass, accelerometer, both GSM AND CDMA radios, all of it looks very good. If that is not your cup of tea you can check out windows phone 7 devices that are coming to Sprint around that time. Metro UI is actually very good with a consistent user experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooknn View Post
    So, nothing of interest until summer, and even then no guarantee that it will be on Sprint. My launch Pre (minus) is on its last legs. I need new hardware. I love webOS. This predicament sucks.

    Fellow Sprint Pre users, what are you gonna do?
    Right now my Pre is still in great shape and I've just done Preware on it last night (18 months no Preware). I'll stick it out for a while as I try not to do an upgrade (even though available to me) for 24 months at a time.
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    I am sticking around for a while and am taking good care of my pre. I talked to Sprint 2-9-2011 and was told that I would "avoid the $10 data fee by replacing my pre with a new one when it is no longer working.


    I wonder how many I will go through waiting for Sprint to get new Palms?

    I will be looking into frankenizeing my pre with a pre 2.
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    My launch-day Pre (actually, it's 4th replacement) has the famous USB door crack and the headphone jack issue where the earpiece doesn't work, so it's officially on it's last legs. Without PreWare and Uberkernal I would have left a while ago, but I decided to stand pat until my upgrade.

    My Sprint upgrade is available on April 1st, and I'm not leaving them because I don't feel like paying more money for my family plan. WebOS is 10x better than Android, but I need a phone that WORKS, and I've seen nothing to lead me to believe that Sprint will even release the Pre3. So it looks like it'll be an Evo for me.

    So sad to be leaving, but HP is basically forcing me to leave by not providing a replacement.

    Hopefully I'll revisit webOS at my next upgrade in March 2013, that is if it's still around.
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