Well i've had My Pixi since June of last year, it's a great phone.

I've always wanted a Pre, for flash, even more O/C ing, and a ton more apps than the Pixi.

I love the bigger screen, hopefully i can get used to the slider.

The PO knew alot about palm, but knew nothing about the home-brew community.

He told me he'll be in line at 7AM for the Iphone.

I bought it for $100. I know i know.. they JUST released new phones. I plan on keeping mine untill midway next year. I made sure the slider was good and there is little to no oreo effect. The screen is in awesome shape, no scratches at all. It came with the charger, headset and another touchstone!

I have a few questions, I bought quite a few apps that are specifically for the Pixi, even though the exact same thing is on the Pre. What can i do about that? Could Palm reimburse me so i won't have to pay again?