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    I need to be to create appointments on my Pre while in meetings or on the road and invite a variety of attendees at the same time. How can I do this??

    Also anyone hear anything about when we might get voice dialing??

    Thanks very much
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    I wonder whether this feature might come in V2.1? I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 which truly is an excellent messaging device but it's in the stone age when it comes to browsing and other graphically related stuff.

    I got an unlocked Pre2 running on Vodafone in the UK and it's a great device. However, it's a dealbreaker for me that you can't add contacts to a meeting invitation, particularly when the invitation goes through an Exchange server. This is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY for a business phone. In the end I passed on the Pre to my son and have had to go back to the Blackberry.
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    Bump on this as well. I don't understand how this capability isn't available already - whether it be Outlook/Exchange, or Google - should be able to create a calendar appointment and add attendees without a problem.
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    Voice dialing is in with WebOS 2.1. I don't know about the invitations for Outlook though.

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