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    My Palm Pre won't power on, I've tried swapping batteries, ensuring it is full charged, etc. I don't think it is the power button issue that others have encountered, it just shut off one day and wouldn't power back on.

    I called Asurion and they walked me through hitting the Power Button, Grey Square and Symbol keys) but I didn't have any luck with that powering on the phone.

    I know my contacts are in my Google / Facebook profile and all my Apps are in my Palm Profile. I just had some music / pictures that are still on my old phone. If I can't get the old phone to power on, any ideas how I can recover any music / pictures that were on the phone?

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    Does it turn on if you plug the phone in to charge?
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    Nope no activity at all on the screen or on the white alert notifcation bar..
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    I'm assuming the keyboard doesn't light up either, correct?
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    I had a similar problem. The Palm tech support chat was extremely helpful. They had me connect the phone to my computer, and hold the power button and the volume down key. This got the USB symbol to appear on the device. Then, I was able to power it on.
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    Keyboard doesn't light up.

    Plugging into the USB connection of my computer or to the wall charger makes no difference.

    Hitting power and volume down did nothing.

    It seems like it's totally bricked...
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    Palm - webOS Doctor - FAQs

    Try putting it in recovery mode. You should be pressing the volume up button, not down.

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