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    Ok, so my Pre minus refurb has been acting a bit weird lately, every once and a while she warms up and both the EV and the R are up there @ the same time. Everything works, but I've never noticed it before with any of the other pres or pixis. It's bone stock by the way, haven't bothered homebrewing it since we'll prolly get 2.x soon. Any ideas why it would show both though?

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    I witnessed this today too on my pre minus and I thought it was odd.
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    It's happened to me as well. It's possible that in some area or situations, Verizon will let Spint users roam on their network using EVDO. Just speculating...
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    me too! You can do a search and you will notice I posted the same topic. I'm also weirded out about how it's possible to have the Pre force EV only in a 1x area and actually get EV speeds. I have tried to master everything about the Pre and this is still the area I can't figure out. Oddities.
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    I remember hearing about it but it want big red it was another carrier.

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